May oh May.

Phew… end of a hectic week! Time to sit down, lay back on my boss chair in study room back at home, and compile the group’s CFP report blog a crap or two. Ignoring the fact that this space is almost completely forgotten by it’s old readers. Heh heh heh.


Community Field Project presentation: checked! For more details of our full-of-efforts-but-unfortunately-failed project, kindly refer to the previous post (yea yea, scroll down please). My first time trying this interesting presentation program called Prezi and managed to create this masterpiece without ready template, and i’m damn proud of myself! (it’s not easy to learn a new program with this rusted brain of mine, i’m grateful that i’m tech-savvy, or rather, computer-savvy compared to average girls. Despite the fact that my attempts to play first-person shooting games has always been epic fail…. but are they even related lol)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, although the project itself received poor response from target group, our presentation managed to secure the 2nd place!!!! I’m so so so thrilled and proud of Group E! Getting the first place is near impossible with an insignificant project, thus 2nd place was a great encouragement. Totally did justice to my group’s efforts in producing own models, own videos, air limau of diff sugar concentration etc. And my countless hours on Photoshop for the pamphlets, posters, flyers and whatsoever. THANK YOU!

but it’s not the beautiful ending for CFP yet as i have not done compiling the report lol i’ll do that after this. Malas tau.


The group selfie with our oohhhhhhhsemmm supervisor, Dr. Norintan while waiting for presentation to start. all group members are dressed in pink/red for the day. The 2nd best presenter i.e. the presentation+clinical partner Terrence complained of his double chin in this photo captured from wrong angle. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA don’t care i love this shot of all of us xP


Endo competency test (re-test, to be exact): checked and PASSEDDDDDDD *open champagne* Not everyone can understand how desperate, worried, helpless it is for those who have not pass the competency test at this very 11th hour of Year 4 as it is a barring requirement from entering final year (whatever version of rumours out there, let just assume it as so.). Have been worried of requirements and test since Week 4 of 1.2 and FINALLY! *Tears of joy* Couldn’t thank more to the patient(s), the clinical partner, the groupmates who are willing to spare their sessions for us, my assistant of the day – Jade,  buddy Shir Inn for referring the patient, and everyone who gave moral support – THANK YOU! And now i shall keep my finger crossed for my clinical partner to pass the exam smoothly next week. May every batchmates pass it well!



Roommate MeiBao birthday celebration: checked at Oiso, The Sphere, Bangsar South. And brought almost half of the kampung to 1U TGV for X-men at RM5.50. 18 tickets woooooo! And X-men is awesome, gotta download the previous movies of the series during the holidays after finals ;)


Outfit of the day: cute skirts lol (forgotten the name of this kinda skirts). And Miss Sylvia trying to photoboom my selfie with Fatty. What a good photoboom lol.

Time flies, can’t believe I’m with this Fatty for half a year soon. 你的好,我们自己知道就好 ^^ *feeling blessed*

把我养肥好像不是一种好. :O


Buddy outing: checked! Birthday celebration for cobud Edward and buddy-treat by laobud Shir Inn! <3


Another version of group pic! And highlight of the group-pic is Mr.Pringles – Guess Who? ;p


Went to I’m Not A Chef Cafe at Kota Damansara. Coincidently we were the only customers of the night so wuaaaalaaaa! It is all ours! Play UNO like a bausssss. A small cafe with quite creative designs like doodled stools, artwork corner, etc. Some board games are available too. Definitely a nice comfy place to hang out for long. Nevertheless if you are expecting a quick lunch or dinner, it might not be a suitable place especially if it is full house, as there are only one chef and one person to serve. Price of food was oh-kay but i would appreciate it if the noodle is slightly bigger in portion, and no cold egg and cold mushroom please?


Birthday boy with his ‘birthday cake’ and specially-doodled birthday sign! They have some photoshoot props as well. And the last pic, haha it’s just me in braces with a doodle of someone in braces lulz.


InciDENT Vol.2: checked……soon! Hopefully it would be out by DENSOC AGM. InciDENT is an annual DENSOC newsletter just started in last academic year, and I'm the Editor-in-Chief for this 2nd edition. Many don’t give a damn of this lol i know, but i do. My baby after 9 months of works gradually. Might not be blogging about this anymore, so just let me thank all my editorial board members who gave commitment well – i appreciate that a lot! (and for those who didn’t -- i don’t want to mention who --  just **** off. Congrats for challenging my limits. I can be kind but it does not mean i have no limit in enduring procrastination and irresponsibility.)

Nevertheless, sneak-peak first!


Till then.

May Year 4 end well and all the best for our finals. After that, let the elective-project-life begins~


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