Dental Night 2014

Finally (seriously, FINALLY), i have the mood to sit down and blog properly after 1/4 year. Heh.

As usual, the gambar wajib of Dental Night comes first!


Dental Buddyline 2013/14! And compilation of buddyline photos from my first to third year. Some came for the food, i came for this photo! Hahahahahaha the only reason that made me say ‘yes’ as the answer to attendance was when Xin Di asked “ whole line coming for dental night, you coming?” Otherwise, i would have spent the RM77 on….. eating something else lol.

For few consecutive years we are the only, if not, one of the few buddylines with FULL attendance during Dental Night. Semangat membara lol lol lol i want that for my final years *hint hint* HAHAHAHAHAH *evil smirk*


Decoration and props of the day (as the former Head of Decoration Bureau of Dental Night [cheh], that was what i was concerned of). Deco was well done in vintage style (my style!) but i heard they spent a lot to get the service from deco company to settle part of the deco. Wow. I remember me and my team doing everything D.I.Y from scratch. And helped the committee to save a lot on decoration. Hahahahaha i too kiamsiap or what xD


Part of the Year 4 girls!

DSC_0854          DSC_0936DSC_0859

Once in awhile mia fatt hiao (please don’t punch me in the face). Nevertheless, i think the two on the right suits me more. *please let me pass my endo competency T T)


Part of table 15 while waiting very impatiently everyone is so hungry we wanted to swallow the table but ok it’s dental night in 5 stars hotel lets hold up our 仪态 lol


But first, let me take a selfie. People loves selfie for a reason. Sharper chin, sharper face, sharper everything. And perfectly deceiving :D

And yes i didn’t do a lot of make up because i left my eye-makeup set at home. Which explains why i could nap until 4.15pm and jump onto the car before 5pm. Heh.


Continuation of pouted-lips with le clinical partner! (kindly refer to the year1 & year2 vers.). Hahaha so bimbo-ly hideous why are we even continuing this :3


With my stunning laobud Shir Inn ♥♥♥♥ Can’t believe i had this girl as my elder buddy for 4 years already. Ahhhh gotta miss you LOADS after you graduate!


Another buddyline pic with the *ehem* buddy-in-law Smile with tongue out


And the buddyline pic taken with the ‘correct way of holding a camera’ – quote Vincent. I tried my best, really, but cone-cutting is something difficult to avoid when u try to take a selfie without a film holder front camera.


Pattern (and bully) with the props! :D


Collection of selfies with le small bud over 3 years of Dental Night. Observation: my teeth do appeared that they moved inwards *insert AWWWWWWWWYEAAHHHHHH.jpeg* #orthobraces #success #gambate #letmedebondbygraduation #whyamihashtagginginablogdoesitevenworks #obviouslynot


With my kai-buds!


Last but not least, the semi-housemates photo heh.

Overall, hotel environment was good (Pullman Putrajaya is damn big :O) but the food was really meh. In fact, the tomyam soup was one of the worst i ever tasted. Dessert wasn’t appealing to me as well. One of the rare occasion that i don’t feel bloated after a dinner like such (or has my appetite gone bigger? oh dayummm). May it be my turn next year!

but first, let me pass my endo competency exam.