Community Field Project (CFP) @ Kg. Parit Penghulu, Melaka.


Summary of the whole event: Group E!

Community Field Project (CFP) was one of the essential elements in the Year 4 syllabus of Community Dentistry. Unlike previous years, whereby the project took place at various homes, the department decided to carry out the oral health promotion programme in a village, which was why we were here, despite the effing heat (SERIOUSLY. It had been some time since i sweated THAT MUCH and bathed THAT frequently. Oh Melaka.) and the effting whatever-bites. Mosquitoes ke bed-bite ke apa-apa je. *scratch scratch*

Data collection was done during our previous visit and now it is the real thing! 4D3N stay it is!


The banner in front of balai raya to inform the villagers about the event, in which, did not serve the purpose effectively. You will know why as you scroll down - -


The 9 girls from Group E was arranged to stay with our foster parents in this house. Our nenek angkat, who are staying with her 2 grandchildren, was an awesome cook Open-mouthed smile


Jadi, sempat jugak nak ber-supper ni! Koropokkkkkkkkkkk heeeeeeeeeeeee.


Social Behaviour Science (SBS) interview session.


Group pic with our nenek angkat! Thanks for the hospitality and we shall miss you :)

Our group was one of the kesian group of no-one-brought-their-own-cars-thus-we-are-stuck-in-kampung-watching-Indonesian-&-Malay-dramas-instead-of-lepak-at-Melaka-town-or-Muar. Meh.


Paddy field shoot with the groupmates before we started our day at Balai Raya on Day2. Oh that green!


Goyang-goyang di sawah padi~


Jalan-jalan di kampung giving out flyers, which, like the banner as mentioned above, supposed to serve the purpose of informing people about the event,

and it


We reckoned most of the villagers were busy with their own works. Some said it was a weird phenomenon as ‘dentist susah payah datang beri service tapi patient takda’. My group was in charge of oral hygiene instruction, dietary and hypersensitivity advice specifically targeting the adult group. Nevertheless, if not thanks to the tadika beside our venue (as we can drag the parents to our booth easily), the crowd might be near nil. Yeap, itu namanya pathetic.


Nevertheless i am so proud of all the preparation works of my teammates, although our efforts were not greatly appreciated. We did our very own posters, brochures, videos (recording + editing), tooth models, etc. We even carried that freaking fluorescent light box all the way from KL to here just for the plaque score test. You guys are amazing. It’s not easy to do things from near zero, and we made it. Give a pat on your own shoulders!


The Balai Raya team, Group C+E. (or alternatively, in YiTing’s dictionary, the kill-housefly-team *拍乌蝇*)


Still managed to capture some photos while the crowd still exist! Great things comes in small quantity :3

Before&After evaluation, Tooth model exhibition, Video presentation on OHE and dentine hypersensitivity, OHE, plaque score, one-to-one diet consultation, games.


Games team!


Last but not least, group pic with our supervisor, Dr. Norintan. :)

As conclusion, not really a fruitful trip (yes i’m being very frank here) due to the lack of response. I think the only ‘fruit’ i got are all those souvenirs from insects in Kg. Parit Penghulu. Thank you - - Unlike the majority (at least, those on Insta Twitter FB) who expressed their happiness during the stay, i was a little…. different?

And i’m glad i’m back in KL because the weather is much bearable (or at least, the ventilation?) and i don’t have to spend RM2 per day for data. Thank you, le creator of Wi-Fi. Okayyy i’m maybe too much of a city girl. It was a okay-okay escape from the hustle and bustle of city but hmm, let just say the responds we got was a great disappointment which brought down half of my good mood. Somemore that sibeh sibeh HOT punya sun leh. Sweat like cow hor!

On the side note,

poster combine

“Support GroupE APK sales! Tell others that you are part of the UM Dental team by flashing the sticker on your car/motor. Cute button badges for collection (excellent gift idea for pedo patient hehe). ORDER NOWWWW! “ –yeap i copy and paste from my Insta and FB :3


Cute or Ugly or Childish, i bear the name. lol.

Till then! Hopefully the next post is on my 9-months-old baby named InciDENT Vol.2 LOL. Do pray that i deliver it on time lol wtf. Or else, to any dentalians reading this, you would be wasting your RM5 YES YOU PAID FOR IT!