Baktisiswa 2014 @ Rumah Bakti Dato’ Harun


Group pic of the one-day-charity-work at this orphanage home in Ampang, Rumah Bakti Dato’ Harun.

As the annual event organised by Year4 student, baktisiswa serves as a platform to help the society who are in need of our service. The original plan was to have a few-day-stay at Sabah but due to the similarity between original plan and Community Field Project under the Department of Community Dentistry, we changed to a simpler yet still equally meaningful plan at this place in Ampang.

DSC_0426Banner. That took me almost a day of my precious study week weekend for such a simple thing, just because the humongous Photoshop file is not in favour of the idea of operating on a lao-kok-kok laptop. Maybe they have some sorta generation gap hmm hmm.


Welcoming speech by project director Xuan Lin, our advisor Assoc.Prof Roslan and the principal of the orphanage house.

DSC_0452DSC_0462 DSC_0449

Started the day by shaking the butts! Senamrobik it is! And i intelligently skipped that by running around with the camera, pretending that i’m shooting something. Well i’m ACTUALLY shooting something anyway. Not really pretending lol.


Oral screening and plaque disclosing station with florescent dye. Photos taken in the light box was damn kong bu hahahahahaa.


Oral health education team in action!


Taking basic medical record like height, weight and colour-blindness test.



  Some of the items from exhibition on diet, smoking, tooth decay etc.

 DSC_0519 DSC_0566

Colouring station wohoo! I was supposed to be in charge of this but again, i was running around with Nicole the cam. Didn’t really have the chance to smuggle and paint a tooth model for myself this time.



Toothbrushing drill! Remind us of our younger days in primary school eh? Sama-sama berus gigi tepi longkang while staring at the tadpole / longkang fish. lolololol.

DSC_0494    DSC_0572 DSC_0573DSC_0601

Sponsored items!

DSC_0586  DSC_0522      

Some of the adorable star kids of the day!!


The team in blue and yellow! (okay the tshirts really do pass the qualification of being a….pyjamas lol. I’m eligible to criticize this because… i was the creator. *facepalm* )        

baktisiswa back

Baktisiswa 2014: DONE!


The annual weight-gaining event i.e. Chinese New Year is around the corner and UNFORTUNATELY i’m not granted with the permission to indulge in food. Who disapproved this human right of mine? The weighting machine lol. Apparently one of the most frequent sentence thrown to me nowadays is either “I can see your tummy ya’ know?” or “Wahlao, u look damnnnnnnnnn blissful hor? 好吃好住hor??”

ok fine i gained like 3-4kg within this 2 months and it is very, very, very obvious on this 1.54m figure of mine. fml fml fml

No more bak gua no more chocolate no more ice cream no more supper (YES, SUPPER. FK U SUPPER.)

And yes, back to exercise please. Insert reluctant face x1000 but i don’t have a choice.

Put all blames on tamchiak-ness.

Or maybe half of the blame on le bf.