Merry 22nd Birthday, Merry 2013.

Yes i have disappeared from blogsphere for almost 2 months. Longest record so far after 5 years of blogging. And new record in making, i assume. LOL.

It was not because my life was THAT monotonous, in fact, it was more…… interesting than i ever expected. And whenever i failed to blog, i blame it to my laptop. For having a spoilt Bluetooth so i couldn’t transfer photos from phone to laptop. And i lost my phone USB cable. And i can’t email bulks of photos, it somehow just couldn’t work. And….. yada yada.

I have been good…. great actually. Nevertheless my lucks weren’t that evenly distributed, clinical life was a bit suay i suspect all my patients have a secret Whatapps/FB/Line group so they can pakat to go vacation/busy/blabla together, all in DECEMBER. Ok December is supposed to be my fav month of the year stop complaining pfft.

End of the year should have the typical-end-of-the-year-summarize-what-craps-have-i-done-throughout-the-year  post. So tada!


HiaoHiao 1.0. Photoshoot with the roommies, Sylvia and Mee Poh at KLCC park. Okayy i miss my curly-angelic-hair. Before it went almost-completely damaged lol lol.

Continuation of HiaoHiao 1.0. Visit to Trick Art Museum @ i-City. Pattern-ness revealed.

DSC_03804 Sudden Ipoh trip in the holidays with the Selangorians + 1 PD-ian coursemates. GOOD FOOD!

DSC_08506Annual dental batchmates CNY reunion dinner @ Khun Thai (not sure if reunion is the right word. Everyone is seeing everyone for almost everyday lol)

538272_10151418354977902_226905283_n Genting trip with the potato people. Semi-Fanxu gang yo! Guys gamble, girls camwhore. LOL LOL. Trip is always awesome with them around ;)

Year 3 mega project: Dental Night Dinner. With the buddyline, roommates, and fanxu gang. After months of preparation :)

Bluetooth Exchange Folder1[3] Alumni Faculty Mentorship Program. Attachment at private dental clinics :)

And oh also worked at Ooi&Khor, the dental clinic that i’m receiving my ortho treatment, for weeks in the holidays. Short yet nice experience ;))

20130426_085543_thumb[2]Got the first smartphone in my life lol wtheck.


HiaoHiao 2.0. Photoshoot with my closest matrics sisters, Peluk Tiang gang (lol lol). Miss them already!


Outbound program at Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Trisakti. Never expected to have so many memories through this one-week-program. Nevertheless, i’m more than grateful to embrace the good memories. :)


My first involvement in Asia Pacific Dental Student Association (APDSA) Annual Conference. Meeting friends from different countries! And later became a one-day fu tai tai with the roommie Sylvia LOL. Bali, a beautiful place indeed. :))


Buddy Wil Liam’s convocation! Welcoming the new baby buddy, Jia Xuan too :)) And managed to secure my Dean List achievement again. 感恩 :))


Family trip to Hatyai re-visit, which i didn’t blog about due to the excuses mentioned in the first paragraph. And this laptop of mine have been a b*tch to me. Okay sorry sorry I played a big part in turning you into current condition.

Hatyai is all about shopping! One-day-trip from one tourist spot to another was actually quite boring until the last destination: FLOATING MARKET. WITH FOOD. HEHEHEHE *tamchiak-ness runs in my blood* Not forgetting the RM10 BBQ-steamboat buffet (similar to BBQ Plaza). Yea you heard me, RM10 buffet!!! Food weren’t exactly fascinating but i reckon it was okay enough for the price, just sapu the meat would do justice to your wallet. Heh.

Speaking of steamboat buffet, thanks to my gang for my early birthday celebration at Restoran Talipon (电话饭店) hahaha i think every year we would come here once or twice. My partner was like “manager i saw diam diam sapu 5 plates ar” lol. Bloated with satisfaction! Hehehe.

And early birthday celebration with roommies at Levain~ :D One of my little wish from wishlist fulfilled!


Spaghetti+Salad+WholeChickenLeg combo and my small birthday cake. Thanks for the treat! :D

DSC_0025 Group pic of the day @ Pavillion


With the lovely roommates, Mee Poh & Sylvia! And yea, housemates in red bottoms yo! It was pure coincidence and we were like “wehy, celebrate CNY earlier meh?” lololol~ Red is the new black hehehe.


Birthday celebration with the buddyline at Kokopelli Travellers Bistro, SS14 PJ. My darling dental family :)))


 Creme Brulee from them as birthday cake! Thanks :D


Birthday treat and lollipop from dearest bud bud Xin Di. Not forgetting our desserts from Dip N Dip. Sweetening dayyyyyyyyyy :O :O :O


Pre-birthday meal at myBurgerLab! As they have this event of giving out free birthday cakes for December babies (with 3 days of prior booking), we decided to have a try. And Tada tadaaaaaaa! The uber mini burger-cake! Very very sweetening though, so it is good for the serving of up to 5 person. Thanks girls! Thanks myBurgerLab! And thanks to the random strangers of the floor who sang birthday song for me lololololololol damn paixe *dig hole*.

The cute cute cake (at the size of my palm, both width and height).

Very appreciative of all the little efforts of celebrating my birthday. Just a year older (not sure if a year wiser. Better be. lol). Looking forward for more awesome things in life ;))


Hair evolution over the year. Ok la it just gets shorter and shorter. And something new would came crashing my life not long after every haircut. Pure coincidence i guess.

Thanks 2013. You have been a year filled with ups and downs, but every moment was a memory made. Expect the unexpected, eh?

P/S: I admit i’m losing interest in blogging and reading blogs already. After 5 years, Oh God Why :O