Define: My Gang

Okay the title sounds as if i’m forming a gang to belasah someone or so.

Hmm… i don’t think i hated anyone to the extent of punching them in the groin face, yet.


The whole batch of Year4 UM dental students went for a community mapping project at a village in Melaka, which was part of our Community Field Project. Most of us were in charge of distribution of questionnaires for data collection, while the few of us, including Yours Truly, were in charge of helping for oral screening at kindergarten and primary school. Kids! I like :D

The kids at kindergarten were damn semangat in answering questions sebulat suara (literally!). And their confused faces. HAHAHAHAHA.


My little sweethearts of the day. In the afternoon, we went to a primary school for oral screening targeting at students of standard 4 – 6. And these little beans, whom i reckon might be the children of teachers, keep peeping us from a corner and run away whenever i counter-peep (lol words learnt from Ade.). After awhile they passed me a paper with some scribbling, attempting to start a conversation. When i drew something in return and continued passing message via that piece of… love letter (lol), they wrote “lukis akak Ting cantik” & “i love you, sister”. HAHAHAHAHA MELT MELT MELT ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Sorry not i haolian but i feel damn proud whenever kids love me. They can be really sweet, so sweet that even boyfriend can’t beat them lol. Akak Ting sayang kamu semuaaaaa :D


So back to the title, it was first initiated by the photo on the left taken at R&R Ayeh Keroh, with Joyce posing like a lady boss. So Hoon teased her with this “My Gang” speech bubble and another bunch of my friends wanted to challenge her by posting another “My Gang”-ish photo, on the right.

And the awkward part was,

i actually exist in both photos. HAHAHAH i damn atas pagar. :P

And my real gang is….

20131024_224716 20131024_224836

Still this! The fanxu gang back in action yo! Me hugging that tower of Tiger beer as if i’m a kaki botol hahahaha (when the fact was, i barely drank a cup of it. Damn, bitter.)


Birthday celebration for the October babies of da gang, Terrence & Ming Xiao!


Another round of saja-nak-makan-sama-sama-cz-there-was-LivingSocial-coupon outing at Chong Qing Steamboat Buffet Restaurant. DAMN BLOATED! Worst of all, my output doesn’t seems to be proportional to my heavy input. omigosh why why why.

Treasure my time spent with these fai-chai hahaha. All the inside jokes and disgusting stuffs discussed in the most frank way lol. Love-hate relationship with them, as always. :)












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