Senior-Freshie-Staff Night 2013

Okay suddenly i’m back on track for this weekly-update habit. Woot woot. This is not gonna last long hahaha i know.

At this rate of updating stuffs regarding dental projects, i shall take over the job of writing event articles for DENSOC website….

….but NO, there are differences between bahasa-rojak-blogging-style vs. bahasa-article. lulz.

….and NO, if i do everything then other people like my subordinates do what leh correct or not yu say? lululz.

Anyway, just a short one!

Last Thursday was the annual Senior-Freshie-Staff Night organised by the Year2 juniors, with the theme of Dentists in the Candyhouse. Great effort in decoration! I like the little doddle-ish drawings for the backdrop and also the giant-candy props. And even the poster itself has resemblance of Candy Crush. I was coincidently indulging in Crushing-Candies right before i went for the event hahaha :P


Some of the performances like singing, miming, drama and dancing. Juniors getting more and more talented than us, this is something we might hate to admit but still, HAVE to admit hahahaha. Great job people!

If you want me to dance when i was in Year 1, i’d rather die.

Actually, if you ask me the same question now, i’d still, rather die.

Same thing goes to asking me to watch movies like Insidious 2. No, NO NO NO.


Incomplete buddyline photo without Shir Inn who went back earlier for the research report. Baby-bud Jia Xuan as the bunny in the drama! DAMNNNNN CUTE :P Well, i was in similar role back in Year 1, in the kiddish costume acting like a 5-year-old kid. Obviously, if i were to do that again now, it would be wayyyy annoying than persuasive HAHAHAHAHA We were young. and probably noob. Awwww those days.


The adorable Year1 buddy JiaXuan, the-one-and-only-newly-recruited Year1 kai-buddy Jason and buddy Vincent as emcee. Proud of all of you! :))


And the youthful bunch of Year 1 juniors! Hahaha really 青春无敌~ young and energetic!

(sounds as if i am 30 years older than them instead of 3 years. wuuuuuuu.)

That’s all for now! :)

P/s: i miss you.


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