Breaking record.

The blog can really break the record by having 0 post per month. Greeeeaaat.

My habit of updating blog weekly has progressed to fortnightly and subsequently, monthly. Soon, yearly wtf.

Year 4 has started and now you can see how monotonous is my life i don’t even bother to update hahahah

Told people that ‘blogging’ is my hobby somemore. I’m a big liar lol.

Don’t worry i’m still breathing. 2 weeks into Year 4 has been, urm, okay? More clinics, more competency tests and requirements (damn! but i can’t complain on this cz we are already wayyyyy luckier than seniors). I’m back to the vegetarian-on-weekdays-and-omnivore-on-weekends-life, I order vegetarian rice delivery w/o rice, i have an extra minion plushie in my PJ room, and I’m always not at room at night. Hmm. That’s all.


Till i have interesting things to share / crappy ideas to crap.