40th APDSA Annual Congress, Bali 2013

The 40th Annual Congress of APDSA, acronym of Asia Pacific Dental Students Association, was held in Bali this year. It was my first time joining this event, nay, at a place brimming with holiday-feel like such :P THIS IS THE REAL HOLIDAYSSSSSS! And yes, it was also my 2nd visit to Indonesia within this holidays, using their confusing currency hahahaha (sorry there’re just TOO MANY TYPES OF NOTES). Got to know so many Indonesian friends within this 2 months, i feel like a half-Indonesian now (eh?) HAHAHA :P Maybe not half, just a quarter of it lol. I still have problem understanding Bahasa Indonesia. It is so similar yet so different with Bahasa Melayu. :3

DSC_0859Greetings from dentalians of University of Malaya, Malaysia! My lovely bunch of seniors and juniors (and my only batchmate Sylvia. LOL. Kesiannya Year4-to-be. :3) Taken during the dinner for opening ceremony.


My dear roommate-in-real-life(lol) + bestie + sister, Ms Sylvia ❤ :P And also my dear buddyline! Laobud-to-be Shir Inn & MidBud-to-be Xin Di ❤ In Taiwan, buddyline-buddy is called 直属. So yeah, meet my 直属们 hahahaha! And congratz to Shir Inn for winning the first place in oral presentation! Am so proud of you, laobud!! :D

DSC_0830 My group, group 25 throughout APDSA congress, with one member MIA-ed lol. 2 Indonesians, 2 Malaysians, 3 Taiwaneses, 1 Japanese, 1 Korean, and 1 Cambodian. Together we are one! Thanks for everything people! :))

DSC_0862DSC_1352 DSC_1347-156eDSC_1348

The view of swimming pool of our hotel, Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel. Vacation-feel membara LOLOLOL. Went for swimming on the 3rd day (after skipping the Scientific Research Competition :P) and that was when i got my tan-lines, though not easily visible. And that girl posing like shades advertisement? Yea that’s my personal full-time model, Sylvia Lim Sze Fen. :P

DSC_0866  Lectures on the 2nd day.


The complete group-pic of Group 25, during 1st day of city tour at Ubud. Damnnnnn i really should have borrowed the shades from mommy T-T Mataku jadi satu line sekali lagi T-T


First destination: Gua Gajah.

DSC_0909 Some of the remnants of the old temple, after the place was hit by an earthquake.


One of my favourite photos throughout my Bali trip. At Bali, the main religion is Hinduism. You could easily find sculptures all over Bali, even when we just arrived at the airport. Besides, you could too see offerings like such in front of every shops or even in their buses/ taxis. They believe that this would bring blessings to their business and life :))


The offerings. And guess what? When me and Sylvia visited Starbucks at their airport, we saw a mini cup of coffee together with the offerings. Haha that’s interesting!

DSC_0949-1e2nd destination, Monkey Forest. Monyet di mana-mana pun sama nakal je. They could even play some family drama in front of you –,-

3rd destination was the Ubud market for souvenirs. The only thing i bought was an IDR5000 es krim (ice-cream in Bahasa Indonesia :P) hahahaha wtheck. Nah i don’t feel like buying stuffs which resemble that of Malaysia lol. Saw some keychain / bottle opener of the shape of……. penis. Damn i should have bought them for my bros hahahaahahahahah wtf.

And speaking of that, due to time constrain, our group missed the chance of visiting Antonio de blanco, which is a museum with many…… hamsap drawings LMAO (yes lets be direct with this lololol). And i missed that! OH DAMN. DAMNNNNNN. HAHAHAHAHA

Imej aku terus hilang.


2nd day of city tour. First destination: Taman Ayun. Where we had the chance to learn their traditional dance, Kecak dance, including the sound, the dance, and the costume. Quite a different experience, and definitely a confused + hilarious one!


Me and groupmate Ting-I in their costume (Yes what a cute name combination. Yi Ting & Ting Yi, confusing enough when we were together :P) And we were required to wear this all the way from Taman Ayun, up to the bus, till the next destination at Tanah Lot. Imagine 300+ people in blue top and this costume. The view when we were waiting for our buses was damn happening lolololol. Is this Kecak tsunami or something .____. And the most paixe thing of all was, i was among the first few who came out from the temple (followed by the whole crazy Kecak tsunami crowd wtheck), other tourists stared at us with weird glares and even took photos of us ._______.”” DAYUMMMMMM *cover face*


At the next destination, Tanah Lot, we were required to perform our Kecak dance according to groups. We too have the opportunity to watch the REAL kecak dance. My group was an epic fail, i knowwwwwwwww lol. The tempo of the original dance was so cute and catchy! And ours were…. ehem. *cover face again*


The breathtaking sunset and the semi-group pic with my group members.


Sunset!!!! Unedited picture of the magnificent view. At Bali, there’re few places to enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset. Some of my seniors and juniors, who extended their stay, went to Lovina beach for sunrise with dolphins! Damnnnn no wonder Bali is a hot pick for honeymoon places among couples. :P

DSC_1095-52eChose Bedugul for our optional trip! It was in smaller scale then i’d imagined, though. I wonder why so many people signed up for this. Haha~ Nevertheless, nice view, cooling weather :))


Another shoot of it, and with Sylvia!


We had too much time so we decided to hop on the blue duck and burn some fat. Tiring enough. Quackk.

DSC_1168 And something to alleviate the disappointment: SPEED BOAT! IN THE COLD BREEZE! WULALALALA ❤ With other groupmates of the day, the very very kawaii Nobu from Japan, and Wawan from Indonesia, who is also another Trisakti-ian. :D


Cultural Night. Another group pic from UM Dentalians :))

I was expecting a lot a lot of cheongsam-s and samfu-s for cultural night (since there were 90+ of them from Taiwan), but i was wrong. Many of them actually have the effort to rent costumes! We even saw the 4 characters from Journey to the West lol and the Best Dressed Award went to the Zhu Ba Jie (i.e. the pig in the story). LMAO is this a Cosplay event or what :3


1) With my group leader Vania (another Trisakti-ian :D) who helped us a lot throughout the week, thanks a bunch! :))

2) With the very bubbly and as-talkative-as-me girl, Vivi, another another Trisakti-ian (lol), who coincidently sat beside me during the boring lectures and thus, we killed time together. Haha! Nice knowing you! With her Japanese friend too :D

3) My twins from different mother and father but we shared the exact Chinese name. 郑伊婷-s Unite LOLOLOL this is too cool! DSC_1207 With the banner to prove that i’m here for a purpose, not solely on vacation…. (when things were obviously another way round :3)

DSC_1243 Last group-pic of group 25! :))

On the next day, me and Sylvia joined the post-tour (which is optional). If not mistaken, we were the only 2 Malaysians lol. It was the Bali Hai Reef Cruise to Nusa Lembongan Island, an island nearby Bali. The cruise took us 1 hour and for the first time in my life, i knew what SEASICK actually feels like. Spent the last 20 minutes or so sleeping. On the way back, i took the medication but the effect lasted even after the ride (my own theory lol). I was so sleepy and half-conscious, i thought my brain did not belonged to me anymore. I overslept in the hotel room and almost missed the dinner wtf. OK that explains my sulkiness and anti-social-ness during that night :/

20130823_100037 20130823_100138
Us! Under the scorching sun ARGHHHHHH. And i am so, so, soooooo sun-tanned now. FUUUUUUUUUUUU. *searching frantically over whitening products before class resumes in September T.T*

But the breeze was too enjoyable it was irresistible. Double damn. T.T




Thought i would have no place to keep my stuffs when i am off for water sports.

Triple damn. T…T

20130823_115017-119e *GASP*

THIS IS HEAVEN. *tears of joy* And the photo was taken with my phone, with a minor post-editing so that it would do more justice to the scenery. The dark-blue areas are the seaweed plantation sites. It’s so beautiful it makes you wanna cryyyyy~ *lebih-lebih*

We too went for snorkelling, banana boat, water slide (something new :D) and had BBQ buffet as lunch. This is vacation baby! And the whole package including the cruise was around RM320++. Omigosh. Once in a while, feeling rich and enjoy life like a fu-tai-tai. LMAO.




This girl tak habis-habis with her kite. One of the sticks was left behind in my luggage bag. So she cracked her head off to figure out the solution. And it works!!! Although cacat :P

DSC_1254DSC_1261 DSC_1274DSC_1278

Self-tour with Sylvia on the last day before our flight in the evening. Visited some places of silver, batik and traditional painting productions.

DSC_1303 And of course, trying their local delicacies, Babi Guling!!! :D Did not have the chance to try their pork rib though. Babi Guling was quite delicious (and sinful too T.T)

DSC_1362 DSC_1382

Paktoh with the travelmate before we rolled back to Malaysia again! And due to my extremely limited Geography knowledge, i just realised the fact that Australia is actually near to Bali. We should have extended our stay at AUSTRALIA!!! *feeling like a fu-tai-tai again :3*

Afterall, it was a great experience (and a sun-tanning one shiiiieeeeeet.) See you all in Cambodia next year, perhaps? :P

Bali, worth re-visiting with my loved one maybe, but i’ll just head straight to the romantic places LOLOLOLOL #hiao

Class resumes in 2 weeks time! Last bit of holidays!


  1. Finally got the time 2 digest ur blog... hahaX !! nice intro of Bali scenery !

    I am very interested with the monkey island ~ u said that there are very naughty n gud in family drama right ? what they did ? hahaaha ! & another 1 is the Bedugul, the places looks cool from the photos... edited ? lol !
    The 1 with many boats on the water also looks great ! feels like wanna try it out ~ BUT after saw ur face there... the SUN really do some magic on it =P Will get my sunburn lotion be4 going there XD V.<

    So where NEXT ? =P

    1. alamakkk panjangnyaaa your comment melvin tiennnnnnn~

      family dramas were just some fightings, one of the bedugul photos is heavily edited lol and I KNOW I'M TANNED LAHH MUST YOU REMIND ME? lol

      next should be.... UNIVERSITY MALAYA LOL. Class starting soon lar no time to travel anymore T.T

  2. ur stories very Panjang too mah... hahaa ~

    I thought they will like snatch ur stuff like others monkey... xD" i am BURNED too @Tannjungpinang, even though i used my friend`s lotion ==` next time should wear long sheath shirt !

    LOL, back to reality... take care !


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