Peluk Tiang Gang ep.2

What is ‘Peluk Tiang Gang’? Stories here i’m lazy to repeat :P

Started my post-Year3 holidays with some of my closest girlfriends in matrics, Ying Sze and Hui Yi. Together we are a future medical doctor, a future dentist, and a future pharmacist. Perfect life science students combination, cool or what? :P

Had a sleepover at my PJ room and went for photoshoot in KL on the next day!

DSC_2008-1 Most pattern photo comes first :P Thanks to Ying Sze for the shoot, awesome angle indeed. :D My little red skirt and white wedges ♥.

DSC_2047-1 Her vintage necklace. ♥ Trying to look Lookbook-ish. :P

DSC_1974 My girls, my best ji-mui in Kay-Am-Kay.

DSC_2036 The spot with best sunlight we could find. And after taking this shoot my friends went like “so ayu~~” LMAO.


Presenting Ying Sze, the future Dr. Chong. Getting prettier and prettier eh! 


And Hui Yi, our dose of laughter. Look at her, smiling molar to molar. The girl who would still call me to keng sam si.♥


Ahhhh i love these photos because it gave the illusion that i’m so fun-sized. And that made me feel cute wtheck. Bwaahahaha.


And the bimbo-ish I-am-Fabulous hair flip lollllll. Got natural sunlight flare somemore double the bimbo-ness wtf. So this is the longest hair that i’d kept on my scalp for this 21 years and 6 months, ever. More than waist-length, approaching butt-length! Nevertheless i chop ‘em off before they progress from mermaid-hair to Rapunzel-hair. Yes, when you are reading this, i can run my fingers FREELY through my hair, and flip my hair left right front back….. tangled curls are gone! For good lah i suppose. The hair i loss everyday can not only produce one or two calligraphy brush but a mop instead. fml fmh.


My 3rd visit to myBurgerLab. Trying their new burger named Sloppy Bella. People who are in favour of stronger taste would like this i suppose. According to their description:

“Whole fried Portabella Mushroom, topped with minced chicken breast cooked Sloppy Joe style- Smoky and BBQ-y. Smothered over a melty Swiss Cheese.”

I love this! :D

And needless to say, their fries are always my source of happiness :P


Them at myBurgerLab (loving the burgers too!) and my place, with Hui Yi in the background cracking her brain trying to recall her Instagram password. Hahahaha :P

DSC_2112DSC_2111 New Folder (4)

Our lunch at Petaling Street: Hon Kee Famous Porridge.  Ordered the raw fish porridge (which become cooked almost instantly when you put them into the porridge while it is hot enough) and froggie froggie (tin gai) porridge LOL. I like the zhap of the frog though (eek?). Just that i’d never order any froggie to eat before because.. the sight of them jumping  around in the aquarium is just….scary. ._____.

Treasure our short gathering moment a lot! May our holidays coincide again x)

More photos here:


The other day at Antipodean, Bangsar.

Untitled-2 Housemates outing with our dental seniors! Pretty ladies :)) As a farewell for our final year seniors who would be leaving for good. :D

DSC_1899 Their signature Big Breakfast (RM20) which is really BIG, as the name suggested. For girls, either you keep an empty stomach beforehand for this heavy brunch, or share it with another girlfriend! I can call myself a legend for being the few rare person who managed to finish it like a boss (after having 3 free kuih-s following the OSPE exam). The portion for mushroom and eggs are really huge! Personally i think it would be suitable for people who are in favour of healthy (or phrasing it differently, relatively tastless) and not a strong fans of meat hahaha.

We had too much of vege lunch delivery everyday till we developed a minor phobia towards food w/o enough amount of meat. :3


So, my Year3 had officially ended with a beautiful fullstop. Made it to the viva distinction interview again but did not present myself this time. One of our lecturers told my friend that those who skipped the interview gotta perform chicken dance in front of her for being a chicken. LOL. This is not an act of chicken okay, this is an act of 自知之明 (sendiri tau sendiri punya standard sampai mana lol). Enough of humiliating myself in front of lecturers. D:

Roughly drafted out my holiday plans and apparently, it would be quite occupied! Hopefully! :D Successfully organised a few gatherings with my high school girls (went to kepoh during my bestfriend’s first tattoo experience somemmore) and matrics girls. Life is awesome heh.


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