Outbound Program @ Universitas Trisakti, Jakarta.


@ Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi (FKG), Universitas Trisakti, Jakarta. 21-28 July 2013.

10 of us were chosen by our faculty for this outbound program and only the girls could make it. lol. So, under the sponsorship of faculty, here we are in Jakarta! :D


Stayed in Hotel Amaris for 7 nights. Happy or what? :P A hotel with very comfortable environment and friendly staffs, and it was just around 5-minutes walking distance from their dental faculty. :D


First day in their faculty. 7 of us in their meeting room.


Interaction with their Dean and Vice Deans on our academic system, modules, clinical system etc. They are currently using the integrated system too! Their Dean is a very beautiful lady~ :))


Group pic!


Their faculty building, which has 7 levels! and it is connected with the medical faculty building too. Each year there would be around 200 person for every new intake! :O And UM has just reduced the number of new intake to around 50. And i think the students here might be more independent as they have to find their own patients (no waiting list), and patients are PAID to come for dental treatment. Students need to pay for the material fees and buy certain instruments! They even need to buy the teeth used in pre-clinical exercises (instead of collecting one whole lorry of them from clinics, like us). Can’t imagine how my wallet leaks if i am studying here. Gotta sacrifice all the shopping, movies, cheong-k etc. LOLOLOL. So dear UM dentalians, bersyukurlah! And save the dental materials :3

And be grateful of our infection control system too lololol.


With some of the dental students here! Many of them who accompanied us throughout the week are Malaysian students studying here in Jakarta. :))


The ‘twins’ who got stuck with us for the whole week. HAHAHA. So 心灵相通 until baju pun nak pakai yang sama pada hari yang sama LOLLLLL. Gay or what. HAHA oops! ;)


Melvin and Kris, at Kris’s cubicle. Thanks for all the silly and happy moments throughout our stay in Jakarta! And thanks for allowing us to kacau you guys at your cubicles when we have no other places to lepak in the faculty lol. You guys rocks (and sucks, sometimes, for bullying me T.T)!




Us at their main entrance :)


LOOOOOOK! UM DENTAL OLD FAC BUILDING SPOTTED IN JAKARTA :OOOO Level of similarity: 99%. The building structure, the shape, the colour of paint (yes including those old greenish-greyish spots that give it a ancient aura lol). COOL!


One dental cubicle is shared among 6 students, 3 work in the morning session and another 3 work in the evening session. And coolest thing of all? Each cubicles has their own mirrors HAHAHAHAHA I BET MY CLINICAL PARTNER IS GONNA LOVE THIS.


Different way of developing radiographic films and their system of checking in/out: fingerprint scanner. Woooooooooo~


During their case presentation and journal-reading session. :) Their medium of learning is Bahasa Indonesia thus i need double the energy to absorb the knowledge lol.


Last day of posting in their faculty!


With their Vice Deans during a brief souvenir-presenting session. Thanks for the extremely great hospitality from FKG Universitas Trisakti! Their Dean and Vice Dean even posted our photos on their Facebook profile after taking the group photos with us. :P


Souvenir from them :))


The traffic on Monday morning!!!! (actually, is every morning around 8-9am lol). Only after you come here, you know what 塞车means. 塞 until not a single space between vehicles is wasted. Cars and motorcycles are so close with each other, one must have superb driving skills to survive here lol (thus, i failed this criteria ==)


Some of their forms of public transport that you couldn’t find in Malaysia: Angkut and Bajai. Their taxi is also relatively cheap compared to Malaysia.


Food unite: Nasi Padang, Strawberry ice-blend (with real strawberries!), ayam bakar, Shabu-shabu (LOL), bento and tada-tada…. DURIAN PANCAKE OMIGOSH LOOK AT THE FILLING *drools* sorry i get high with almost everything related to durian :3


At Cheesecake Bakery another day. Spaghetti was good, cakes were so-so (you might find it good if you prefer milder taste. My tastebuds need stimulation lol)


 Makan-makan at many, many places (just too lazy to specify them :3) and oh ya, i go all the way to Jakarta to eat Japanese food LOL. Siao i know. But hey, i guess i can accept Japanese food now :D Bring me for sushi next time!


Minions overload! And the selling price was way cheaper than that in Msia. Aaaaaaad, i got mine. Hehe :D


The railway near their faculty.


We went to malls and malls and more mallssss almost every night lol. That’s Centre Park which i’d been to for 3 times in a week. Can beat the frequency of me going to Mid Valley from UM. And 2 movies, Pacific Rim and Wolverine, in one week. Free sangat-sangat.


One of the most significant buildings in Jakarta: Monas!!


Others went for shopping, four of us went to burn the fat. :3 It has been awhile since i last cycled :) Credits to Kris for the photos, looking damn nice even without editing.

DSC_0380 This scary fella lol

1073791_10151621817753773_88461072_o  Free time on Friday: Bandung trip! Semua dah tertidur sampai mana lol

1082596_10151621818573773_155264443_o       Beautiful scenery :)


The four of us again :D It was so bright our eyes turned into typical Chinese eyes: satu line. LOLLLLL. Ohhhsemm people :)


   TADA! Kris the Professional Photographer :P Long lens weih. Heh. 1074733_10151621823858773_1606199343_o              DSC_0533

The volcanic crater of Tangkuban Parahu mountain. Beautiful sight, right? 

DSC_0563Loving the blue skies :)) ♥

DSC_0570        Lurveeee

There’re also quite a number of factory outlet stores for branded goods so if you are interested with them, you would have a great time doing what women do best: SHOPPING!

I’m more interested in this:


Mangga Dua Square. Price of goods are similar to that of Berjaya Times Square / Sg.Wang. And guess what we found? Kuala Lumpur in Indonesia yo! lol.


Last pic before checking in for the flight. Bye Jakarta! I might see you again :))) (p/s: spot my super red luggage bag)

Study trip at overseas with minimal cost (hehehehe) is such an awesome experience. Can i go for outbound again? Hehe.

P/s: Outbound report writing T_____T


  1. nice photos with great stories !

    1. Thank you bro! Got a number of photos are actually curi from Kris x))


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