Minions, Minions everywhere.

Just watched one of the hottest movies of the month:


Yes these little yellow guys!

Seriously i think the company has a very good method of marketing. Within the 3 years interval from Despicable Me 1 to 2, the minion fever did not die off completely. I believe most of you have heard their banana song? It used to be my alarm tone lol. Never heard of it before? Come i sing for you. Heh.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-2541-1372443890-12 Okay :(

What makes these potato-shaped yellow creatures drive people into this craze? Their laughter is so contagious, their actions are so retarded and silly but SO HILLARIOUS, you can’t help not to giggle at their videos. So MANY videos of them went viral on Facebook. From the trailer, the YMCA song, the underwear song, the gelato-gelato scene and how Lucy caught Gru when they first met.

So if you ask me, is Despicable Me 2 a nice movie? Well.... it probably would be, if i did not watch so many spoiler vids on internet. It still made me laugh but hmm... not much surprise.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-21648-1372106539-26 Sorry lil dude i’m speaking the truth.

And about their merchandises which brought this minion fever to a whole new level. First, it was the plushie. Their plushies are so expensive TT.TT. Then, it was this McD Happy Meal thing. People queuing up like crap to get the mini minions (and sometimes when it is out of stock, that made you feel crappier.) Happy meal are meant for children but i don’t think the kids are happy now. Adults stole their happiness. Sad meal.


And i heard some people bought the toys in bulk to re-sell? O.o

I admit i have the urge to get one of the toys but asking me to queue up and wait? No.


Then we have minion Facebook chat stickers. Which are available for free. They made people went gaga over them too. The one on the right is my favourite because it is so…. me. See?

DSC_0066 lol.

 Despicable-Me-Minion-Rush-for-iPad-1 968981_144717962386882_526069977_n

Minion Rush. One of the top-downloaded free apps in the apps-store recently. Just because there are MINIONS!

With all these influences from all aspects, how can minions not be popular?

its-so-fluffy_108919363_large And who can resist Agnes’s cuteness? Arghhh SHE’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE.

Thank you, minions. At least you colour up my study week to quite a great extend. Hahaha!

P/s: stole all the .gif images from Beware, more spoiler scenes popping up!

anigif_enhanced-buzz-11874-1372106727-5 “Yeahhhhhhhhhh”


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