“The beautiful mistake of falling for the right person at the wrong time and wrong place.

So wrong, so right. ♡”


It has been awhile since i last posted some love-relationship related stuffs.

It used to be difficult looking at most of my friends discovered their another half and me? I can only smile whenever people asked “Why don’t you get yourself a boyfriend?” As if getting the right person is as easy as choosing the freshest vegetable in pasar lol.

Then i got used to it and brainwashed myself that i’m totally cool with being on my own and just my own.

Then he walked into my life.

I’ve blogged about what are the dream-boyfie criteria that i wished my future boyfriend would posses. Deep inside i know that criteria are just.. criteria. It is not definite. Just like many people might eventually got stuck with someone who is way off the criteria and still, living happily ever after.

But…. he met the criteria.  

And worst of all, i met his criteria too.

This should be one of the happiest scene in all love story movies…. until deep inside, both of you clearly know that, this is not going to work.

Fate brought the right person together, falling for each other so fast that it is not even logical. It was so unpredictable, unexpected, unbelievable and unexplainable. It is like a fast-forwarded love story movie.

But the reality is so cruel it reminds you that, hey, you are not in your dream, this is the reality, lets face it.

Diff countries, diff religions, diff cultures, diff backgrounds.

We are so similar with each other yet so different.

It makes you smile yet it hurts badly too. All these bittersweet bullshits.

We shared the same hobbies, same courses, and even hold the similar positions. We have similar thoughts and attitude towards many stuffs. We have similar mindset towards this problem in front of us, and that’s the most difficult part of all. He’s a big kid who is still excited over arcade games, yet still able to stand out to handle problems like a mature guy. And on top of everything, he appreciates me. Killing point.

It was near perfect. Despite the minor language barrier and culture differences.

Or we have not know each other long enough to know the flaws of each other? Would you love me, even with my dark side?

None of us are definite of committing in this difficult relationship. Why, at this time?

Vague future ahead. To follow the heart, or follow the brain?

Why bump into the Mr Right when it is near impossible to carry on. You must be kidding me.


Dedicate this to my very special someone ♥

Not sure how long this is gonna last, but i’m enchanted to meet you. :))