Just ended my last lesson-week in Year3 and gotta fight for my finals (with my whole brain brimming with post-exam ideas ughhhhhh). Year 3 had been an awesome year. Gained A LOT of exposures, be it clinical-wise or character-building-wise. Year 3 is also a very special year because we, the 2010/2015 batch of UM dental undergraduate students have a very (un)fancy name called the WHITE MICE BATCH of the evolution. So most of the time, the 74 of us were holding hands in a mega circle and floating in the middle of sea until we reached another island lol. Although there had been much confusion stirring in our heads, hopefully all of us can pass our finals and continue to blur together-gether in next academic year lololol.

So, actually you should continue to study now. Heee.

522019_10200319265256572_997084866_n DSC_0651$
My awesome batchmates. Dentist in making, progress: 60%

D3200Group E batch 2010/15! Hope our group would be the favourite children of Lady Luck in the next academic year too :)

And yaaaaa, although i’m staying outside campus now but my life would certainly be dull without them:DSC_0269DSC_1702dnd1DSC_122713194_10151320705302297_1298332843_n65495_10151320646152297_377073792_n   933943_10151460256612297_253773327_n538272_10151418354977902_226905283_n285295_10151425895985513_877351350_n
让我又爱又恨的番薯党 lol

As much as i enjoy the laughter when i’m with them (level of inside joke: ASIAN), as we know each other longer and longer we are more and more rude and frank with each other lol. Or just me with the guys. Their pattern can really make me vomit my esophagus stomach small intestine big intestine all together in one piece. Gek.

DSC_1642buddyline 1213DSC_0662DSC_0369-1199360_4218723140904_676518091_n 
And the dental buddyline session 2012/13 :D The session with MOST photos hahahaha bunch of selca-freaks :P Enjoy this small family a lot a lot and hope the bloom of love (桃花运! xD) can continue to linger around us. HEHEEEE. *bless me also please please please* We might not hang out very often but i feel warm whenever i talk to them. Good luck for your finals too, all the buds, from baby to the old ones! :P

And my ever hilarious roommates whom i never thought i would be so close with. Fate brought us together. Oh no, the KK6 that rejected my existence brought us together lol. Try sitting in my chair and observe their communication errors and different sensitivity + specificity of laughing point. It can make you laugh for the whole day x) [hopefully they are not reading this when i was calmly sitting beside them or i would get POKE ATTACKKKKK!]

Thank you, for being understanding, caring, and on top of everything, ENTERTAINING. :P :P :P

I would definitely miss this 1st clinical cubicle in my life. How many happy and pekcek clinical sessions spent in it. (according to gross calculation, i had spent almost 200 hours in this place. O____O) I would DEFINTELY miss its strategic location ohmaigawd. Nearest access to the nearest entrance + registration counter + x-ray room + some materials station (Dycal, pumic etc.) + big clinical bin + hair dryer (applicable for le partner lulz.). The only thing was, it was a bit far from the material counter BUT i still love it! Cubicle 25 of Polyclinic A, may you bring luck to your next temporary owner.

Year 3, besides being my first hand-on clinical years, is also a year that might be the peak of my DENSOC involvement lol (quantitatively). Partly because i no longer need to join activities in residential college to secure a place (which, JOIN LIAO PUN TAK DAPAT LAR. *GEK*).


The major DENSOC project for the Year-3’s: Annual Dental Night! Was in charge of the deco are quite satisfied with it (although there’s wayyyyyy room for improvement but i suppose it is acceptable, with minimal cost spent).

intervarsity banner295605_10151381101793429_389970965_n  Dental Intervarsity Sports Carnival, which UM emerged as the overall champion :))

image_136688395863859920130425_12211020130425_13203920130425_161819 Alumni Faculty Mentorship Programme, a 4-days-posting project at private clinics. Informative much! 

 cover fronteditor with photo The 1st volume InciDENT, DENSOC Newsletter. Is very honoured to be in the pioneer editorial team. The photo of the cover is totally awesome (and thus, of course, not i take one lol) Although it has not been officially released yet, tada tada! sneak-peek sneak-peek! Can’t wait to hold it in my hand!
(UPDATE: IT IS OUT ALREADY WOHOO! Haven’t receive it yet but SOON! :D)

Posting the editorial board page here because:
1) That is my favourite template, which was initially designed to be the cover.
2) The photo of me posing like GE candidate (wtf) under a very nice lighting with a good face angle, is there.

lol haolian.

Hope i can make the 2nd edition of InciDENT as good as this, nay, even better :))


Volunteer work (yet, not 100% true lulz) at 35th Asia Pacific Dental Conference which was held in Malaysia this year! Free seat for Gala Dinner somemore :P Eye-opening experience and definitely love to involve in more events like this if time permits :))

What’s next?

Keep Calm, Study Smart, and Play Candy Crush.f01095396fa82d59e280f5089c68a89640e510b2