Patterns before finals.

1) Burn-midnight-oil owl

cute-little-owl-wallpaper__yvt2 The pressure+stress+motivation+all-postive-energy will only arrive to knock your door at the eleventh hour. And only by that time, it seems that you had consumed a dozen of RedBull. By doing so, please supply a box of tissue paper for your liver *background music: sobbing*.

2) Highly disciplined individual.

Capturing Highly Disciplined Athletes Worldwide 1 They made a study plan before the commence of study week. That’s not a big deal (i have it too lol). The most impressive thing was, they manage to follow the plan STRICTLY. No delay, no slacking, no drama, no Facebook Twitter Instagram whatever.

You may have my highest level of respect.

3) Forever full of excuses.

Untitled-1 Nah.

4) Forever hungry.

6a00d8341ca2da53ef01538f68bbd6970b-400wi Don’t our glucose disappear a bit too fast when we are studying? Thus, must keep a minimal amount of food with us during this critical period.

5) Forever gaming.

angry-desk-flip-l Progress of games is surprisingly good during these critical period. 读书都没有酱卖力 (Study also not this hardworking). Hehe.

(P/s: Unfortunately i’m stuck for decades at that one damn level of Candy Crush. Ish.)

6) Forever sleepy.

392-1Recently i have this very weird habit. Wake up at 4 or 5am –> eat breakfast –> wanted to study but failed –> went back to sleep until the sun-shine-on-your-butt.  What is this. Need to wake up so early just for 2 slices of kaya-on-bread or McVities-in-Milo?

I don’t know whaaaaaat am i doing.

7) Forever daydream.

dreaming girl_act 4 Yes that’s my to-do-list. T.T

8) Paranoid.

3 Biasalah ni.

9) Steady.

Which, is the opposite of no.8

2Chuan. Totally deserve a slap. Palm-slap or hair-slap, choose one. 

Don’t we all have at least a over-negative and a over-positive friend around us? Like a normal distribution graph, there’re always a few extreme species at the extremes of the graph. LOL.

I think if you put people from these two categories together in a cage for a day, they would bite each other's head off.

10) You.

or me.

spongebob-rainbow-meme If you are, too, having your finals soon…… what are you doing now?

Actually i’m not sure what am i doing too. I could have spent this 1 or 2 hours of blogging time on… i don’t know. Oral Surgery? Periodontology?



It’s weekends. Heh.

Keep fighting for your study week, people!

P/s: Haze in M’sia and S’pore! Not so terrible at my place (phew!), but drink more water and stay indoor, everybody!


 May all our trachea bronchus bronchioles alveolus survive.

P/s/s: Oh, my recycled drawings, again.