Democracy, where art thou?

I’m a Malaysian. A 22 y/o-to-be Malaysian.

I’m a young adult who is not very patriotic (well, maybe a little more during those DatoLeeCW-vs-LinDan-moment). I don’t really keep up with big news of nation. If i happen to grab a newspaper, i’d go for the entertainment section first.

I am not as political as some of my peers. I rarely share political posts on Facebook, seldom discuss about it with my friends. I remained so quiet when my friends were having political discussion until they actually suspected my stand lol.

I was a very blessed child. I was fortunate enough to gain entrance into local matriculation as the minority population, which subsequently, secured my admission into one of the best local universities in this country, with the professional course of my choice. Besides the injustice in terms of admission into local universities through the wide VARIETY of pre-university courses available here (how some people need to work their asses off and still couldn’t secure their dream, while some can just take the shortcut, disregarding how we performed in our SPM. Well, you know why.), i was feeling alright in this nation. I have not reach the age of worrying about tax, expensive cars & houses etc. so i might not feel that. Not so much yet.

Then this general election changed my thought.

I was so lazy to register as a voter because i’d just turned 21 at the end of 2012. Then i thought “aiya no need so hardworking go register lah not enough time pun”. And now i regretted my choice.

What made Malaysians so disappointed with the result, when the same thing had happened for more than half of a century?

When you lose to someone greater than you or smarter than you in a fair way, you might nag a little, but deep inside you knew that he/she deserves that. And how about another way round?

I couldn’t believe the things laid in front of my eyes at first. I mean, information from internet can be from dubious sources. Yet when more evidences flooded in and things became more persuasive, the flame in you was ignited. From how the people’s money are spent on international artists, tricks involving i/c, influx of foreigners to fraud votes (and THEY can have a rather ridiculous explanation for that), buying votes with tax-payers’ money (again), the pirated/expired inks (lol), dramas during vote-counting, how multiple blackouts happened at the centres (Earth-Hour kononnya. You very environment-friendly yi xia.), the late arrivals/ sudden appearance/ sudden disappearance of ballot box (yeah, yeah, everything just happens to be very ngam. Very, very ngam.), etc. So many dramas you need a trilogy to make them into a complete movie. Better than the Twilight series maybe.

How can a sane person ignore and tolerate with these dirty tricks? How can you not be annoyed, enraged, and feel disheartening at these ugly truths?

I see how this election unite the people for a single aim: not for any racial benefits, not for unknown sources of money, but for a cleaner, better country. We are, so-called, people from a democratic nation. Then what happened to democracy? What happened to the people’s right?

It’s not just about which party did we cast our vote for. Is about the election. How fair can the election be?

When you need so many tricks to secure a place, you'd already lose. You win the throne, but you can never win the heart.

We are feeling helpless as a tiny little country on the world map. Who can hear our voice? We are worried and curious about our future.

Malaysia, today, 505, we mourn for you. We pray for you. We pray of the real democracy.



Just a quote i saw on Facebook:

“In 2003, BN won 198 seats.
In 2008, BN won 140 seats.
In 2013, BN won 133 seats.
So whatever it is, it is still a small victory for PR.
And now the question is what will the numbers be in 2018?

Gandhi took 32 years to fight for independence.
Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years in the fight to end apartheid.
And we've been trying for what 10 years?
Come on Malaysia, grow up.
Yes, you're sad, but a fight is a fight, it goes on."