35th Asia Pacific Dental Congress.

20130510_143034 Last weekend was well-spent by volunteering myself at the 35th Asia Pacific Dental Congress (APDC) held in KLCC. First time involving in Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) event! (or maybe my job as the 3-hour-assistant during Oral Health Month under Colgate in collaboration with MDA is considered as one too) Overall it was a great experience, a very eye-opener one by going waaaaaaa-s and wooooooooo-s at the cool latest technologies from various countries in the exhibition hall. We can also know about some alternative techniques and materials beside what was thought in dental school. Most important of all, GOT FREE GIFT LAH who no love free gifts hehehe #MalaysiaAuntyismLOL, although the amount of free goodies i got was not as wowwwww as others.  Don’t be greedy, don’t be greedy (padahal sendiri suay lololol)


Me at the MDA booth which distributes magazines for FREEEEEEEE (one mag for RM20 okay. Although they are expired ones but if you smuggled 4 of them, that cost RM80! Doubt i will read them though) This was actually outside my job scope anyway. I was supposed to be involved in floor, i.e. standby in halls with lectures from invited speakers. One best thing about being a volunteer for that? You get to listen to lectures without paying. We got even more excited when we heard the name of some speakers because their books were recommended by lecturers for some particular subjects. And now the author himself is right in front of you!

Also helped one of the China stalls as their translator. Feeling grateful when they mentioned that they really appreciate my help although i’m not directly paid for that. They said my Mandarin was better than others. I think the only explanation for that was i tend to add in China-Mandarin slang in the conversation instead of Malaysian-Mandarin slang lulz. Too much of China entertainment show Fei Cheng Wu Rao (非诚勿扰) every weekends on YouTube hahahaha never thought that it would be helpful.


Everyone including volunteers were invited to the Gala Dinner on Saturday night (which, when i checked in the booklet, the ticket can be up to RM310. WOW. And volunteers get that for FREE. DOUBLE WOW. Although most of us are underdressed for that but again, WHO NO WANT FREE FOOD (man i should stop behaving so cheapo here :3) Thank you very much to the organizing committee!!


The kolian Year3’s, left 小猫四只.


With my junior buddies in a Do-Re-Mi sequence (AFTER in high heels heh)


With the hiao-poh roommate (tehehehehe) Sylvia. Ok lar phone’s front camera got limited quality and i totally forgot to bring my Nicole-cam, what to do. :3

20130511_235232e Loving the back of this dress, which is actually my another roommate Mee Poh’s property. Major love towards black lace! Yea i have 2 or 3 of them already but still.cannot.resist. :P Must make this photo b/w due to the horrendous amount of zhapalang stuffs on my bed in the background. Eye sore.


Another dental-related thoughts: recently this occasionally-pessimist-dental-school-thoughts start hitting me. I am near the end of my Year 3 already, yet my handskills is still terrible. I gotta sit for most hands-on test for more than once to pass it (or, if fortunate enough, pass with a very, very borderline marks), my restoration is terrible, and i need to have multiple trial in taking impression. Lady luck was on my side as most of my patients are really patience. Some are totally understanding which made me feel real bad for being unfair to them.

Then i doubted my hands. Maybe God created my hand not for dentistry, but to play Photoshop, and maybe Candy Crush.. (Or maybe not. I’m never talented in even the stupidest game lol. Whenever a game requires a lil bit of IQ i would start doubting whether my IQ is those of age 22.)

And on one of these emo day, i had a mentor-mentee session in that afternoon itself. Ohhhsemm. Mentor-mentee session had never came at such a perfect timing when you really need some words from your mentor. lulz.

So old phrase again. Practise makes perfect?