10 Types of Student (Dental school version?)


Elo everaayyybadaeee.

1) God of sleep


This type of student, strictly speaking, exist everywhere. They can sleep at anywhere, any lecture, any time. This category can be subdivide into more groups according to the sleeping posture. Support-chin-with-hand-as-if-i’m-very-concentrate-type? Screw-that-i’m-gonna-sleep-with-head-up-mouth-open-till-can-capture-fly-or-mosquitoes-type? 360-degree-head-turning-type? And most commonly, FISHING type?

Seriously sometimes it is an enjoyment to observe how people sleep in class.

2) Sibeh Gan-cheong.

MISUSE A GENERALLY LARGE AMOUNT OF MEMES _e3eca75e0b637d4f19b1257bbf148b1a

The type of students who always want to be ahead of everyone in chasing schedule. Take all the patients, do all the requirements, take all the exams, like-a-boss. Digging for exam cases when others are still begging for requirement cases. They must have a big storeroom for adrenaline, so big that it took over the room occupied by lazy bugs previously. 24/7 motivated species.

3) Sibeh steady.


The total opposite of the above. The type of students who worry least, just lean back and go with the flow. They might not be the top student, they might not be the student who did most cases, they might not be the earliest ones who fulfil requirements, nay, they might even fail some tests. Nevertheless they still manage to steer their bumpy way out, eventually. Not sure how they did that, though. Miracle much?

4) Kacao!!

Can disturb anyone at everywhere, even in the clinics. They can block your way when you are rushing to get materials, give you a weird grin with dancing eyebrows when they pass by you, etc. Never fail to cheer up your stressful time a lil, occasionally annoying. Very.

5) Flirter

flirt-dog_c_164756 Foster good relationship with everyone from lecturers, staff nurses (DSA), etc. And that, seriously, BRINGS BENEFITS. #truestory

6) what-am-i-doing-here-in-dental-school

Untitled-2 Most often found during the first few years in dental school. “why am i putting myself in such a pathetic situation”, “why am i sitting here memorising names of drugs, weird anatomy names, freaking dental materials composition”,“why am i doing here i should be a businessman instead”, “WHY AM I DOING HERE I SHOULD MARRY AN OLD RICH MAN AND TAKE HIS PROPERTY INSTEAD”. lol wtf. We all have that thought for a second before, don’t we?

7) Over-Pessimist-Naggy nanny

Untitled-3 Feeling oh-no-it’s-end-of-the-world-i’m-gonna-die for even the smallest failure. Cannot answer exam question? Die. Cannot pass competency test? Die. Cannot find patient? Die. Patient FTA? Die. Then they will go around putting their pathetic face harping over their mistakes again and again.

8) God.

mother-of-god-meme Need not to say, every class has a top scorer. Unbeatable like god. *worship sign*. Some studied well, able to answer the hardest questions in class at any moment, have almost perfect score. God. Some seemed steady, skip classes (well not a good example here) and STILL, get almost perfect score. Grandmother of God.

9) Fashion freak

Who says dental students are nerd? Fashion freaks are everywhere. They know how to match their clothes well (even to classes), praise each others’ hairs, praise each others’ shoes, praise each others’ face, praise..what else?

10) Noob dresser.

Untitled-5 Total opposite of No.9, they don’t mind wearing their toilet slippers, PJ pants, and oversized projects T-shirts to lectures (it’s so dark in lecture hall people can barely notice that, unless if you have bad breath when you woke up late and…. you know. Eeeek.) Particularly among local uni students HAHAHAHAHA i doubt anyone would do that in private uni, people would doubt that you had a serious hangover.

Disclaimer: None, i repeat, NONE of the above are symbolising any specific living organism. If you terasa pedas…. well stop taking cili then. I myself is the combination of few types mentioned above.

以上内容 不完全虚构 如有类同 可能不是巧合 :P



Speaking of dental students, here’s the one complete group pic of my group ahha. Group E batch 2010/15 celebrating our class rep’s birthday~

It’s not easy to be a leader, people tend to throw stupid questions to leaders which might be very abuden-ish / things that they can settle themselves, yet people are expecting everything from the leader. Sometimes it can make one speechless just by observing those conversations. Okay i’ll try not to be one of those people that do not process their questions/requests with their cerebrum before hauling ‘em out from their mouth. Slap me if i did lol.

D3200 Once again, the very first complete Group E outing :)