Miss Mini in AFMP

Nah the title doesn’t even make any sense.

Miss Mini is my new baby: my first smartphone ever! Embrace the progressive retardation of your brain after getting a smartphone!


My Samsung Galaxy S III mini white. Maybe it should be named Samantha since it is Samsung and like how i named my Nikon camera as Nicole. wtf must i insert imaginary boobs to all my belongings?

Anyway, up to now the phone was quite satisfactory for a first-time smartphone user like me. Bro says smartphone will make people become more hipster lol. All the games, camwhore-with-front-cam thingy, adding-filter-to-already-inferior-quality-photos-instagram, etc. Heh.

Things i dislike about this phone? Absence of off-line GPS (unless you download the Google Map), and absence of shutter-sound-off function during photo capturing. The latter is claimed to be manufactured so on purpose due to privacy issues. Stillllll! Cannot diam-diam snap lecture slides during lectures already lah! :3 No comment on the photo quality though, photo quality of smartphones can hardly beat those from DSLR anyway. There must be reason why people rather carry that big chunk of charcoal around.


AFMP was the short form of Alumni Faculty Mentorship Program, a new program under DENSOC and my ever superwoman roommie Sylvia is the director of this project. Basically, it is a 4-days-project for Year2&3 students to attach at alumni’s private clinics for observation. We are assigned to specific clinics but since few of our clinics are nearby thus we swapped among ourselves :P.

Bluetooth Exchange Folder1 Thanks to all the knowledgeable dentists and Professor who had guided and shared experience with us for these few days! Not forgetting the friendly staff nurses (i.e. DSAs) who are really nice to talk to! Thanks to Soon Dental Surgery, V Care Dental Surgery and Ong Oral Surgery & Dental Specialists! :) Got free lecture from Prof regarding Oral Surgery + Pharmacoly + Physiology + Radiology + Oral Pathology + etc. somemore hahaha. I’m really amazed when people can really integrate kao kao what they’d learnt and not forgetting them for the next 30 years (yes things are SUPPOSED to be so anyway). 

20130425_160322 Sempat lagi bergambar ni lolololol


And what’s the hottest topic in Facebook for these 2 days? (well, besides all the political posts obviously. That made up almost 70% of my News Feed content. I am relatively non-political compared to my peers, to an extent that someone actually suspected i’m secretly a supporter of you-know-who. I was like whaaaaaaat?? Not everyone have to be as aggressive in this issue right. And no, i’m not a voter yet, in case you are wondering. I was officially 21 only at last 3 days of 2012 what can you expect #typicalstupidexcuses)

Where am i again? Oh hot topic in Facebook.

iron_man_3_poster_final Of course is him! Who else other than Tony Stark?

How bad can Iron Man be when there’s Robert Downey Jr. right? If you had watched 1 & 2, you must not miss this! As ohhhsemm as always :D.  Afterall, superhero movies can hardly go wrong, at least for me. Watch it before more spoilers come to the surface from people with itchy mouth like me x20130427_183100

I also want to show off movie ticket. Nah.


Voting day on 5th of May. What would happen after that?