Dental Night: Lights, Camera, Action!

(This event was supposed to be blogged in two separated post due to its humongous amount of photos. Neh-mind, just feast your eyes with colourful things. WARNING: do not load this page with laggy internet. lol.)

5465_10200319266016591_1338864213_n Committee members, a.k.a UM dental Year3 students group pic come first! Bravo to everyone for making this annual event a success! Dental Night (previously known as Dental Night Dinner, in short, DND, but the name itself is a bit abuden-ish cz takkan Dental Night BREAKFAST or Dental Night LUNCH right. Maybe Dental Night Supper though.) was held in Flamingo Hotel, Ampang this year.

light camera action Logo of Dental Night 2012/13 with the theme “Lights, Camera, Action!” People who know me well can recognise my style from this logo almost immediately :3 Not 100% from my creativity though, i admit i stole ideas from the World Wide Web and modified it for dentalians. I believe if you Google Image “Lights Camera Action”, you could find a similar image. I am very frank haha~

t black final Used the logo for T-shirt design with the back saying “Keep Calm and Be A Dentist”. Yeap, inspired by the famous 9gag meme saying “Keep Calm and Carry On”. 9gag-ers UNITEEEEEEEE! Anticipating to wear this 2nd t-shirt designed by moi! :D

Ooi & Khor Dental Surgery ad editted

Also designed an advert for a company for the first time! Did this for my dentist whom i visit monthly for my ortho treatment, as appreciation for his financial contribution for this event. Thank you, Dr Khor! :D


The Baktisiswa poster designed to help us in getting donation during our car-washing projects in residential area. Baktisiswa is a Year4 charity project, and the extra income from Dental Night project will be channelled for this charity project which will be organised by us in next academic year. :))

DSC_0898 DSC_0899

We are supposed to make invitation cards for our final year buddies! So this is for our laobud Wil Liam! Very customised huh? With the pink tie somemore :P

Wonder which bureau that i actually involved in since i seem to be doing a bit of everything (lol. kepoh.)? Well i’m honoured to be the Head of Decoration Bureau (no more Publicity, like finally lol. Still art-related though.), whereby as the name suggested, in charge of decoration of the venue.


First of all, the backdrop! Thousand thanks to my backdrop team members, Azreen and Maisyafiqa, and some other batchmates who helped in setting this thing up. It was up to my expectation in my draft, and they did a wonderful job in very limited time. Thanks so much! And thank you for the hotel for preparing the black wordings for us, it saved our energy :P


The mama bicycle and baby bicycle lol. The bicycle are too cute that i couldn’t resist x) Did the flower-poking (?!) on my own for the first time and almost got lung cancer from the dust coming out from the hard sponge/foam while cutting them. lol.


Mama bicycle for the VIP table deco, and baby bicycle for the photobooth. Credits to my photobooth team members, Mee Poh, Jing Shyuan and Geok Hoon for doing the props and decorations. I actually felt grateful when i knew that many people took photos with the props. They were well-used and our efforts did paid off. Definitely something fresh to fool around with! The only thing was….. why lah want to separate by flowers from its bicycle-basket at the end of the day?! =3=


Grab A Prop & Strike A Pose! :))


Deco at registration counter!


Signboard at the entrance. Ooooooo i like this signboard :D

DSC_1096         Top view of the ballroom.

DSC_1257 Flamingo Hotel by the lake, Kuala Lumpur. Plate tu dah retak dah. lol

DSC_1642 Dental Night is always the buddyline-gather moment! Full buddyline pic batch 2012/13! Ohhhhhhhsemmmmm :)) Major love love love :D

dsc_1219e Buddyline with the photobooth props yay yay yay!! (and my cobud M.I.A-ed).


Just DramaKing-Mr.Personality laobud being Drama King :P Very paixe with the title hahaha!


One of fav photo with le lil bud Xin Di who is as gorgeous as always. :D

dnd1 And the potatoes (rotten ones lol) with the monkey faces. Or duck with diplopia.


The fanxu uniteeeeee (with one of them rolled away from the scene already)

DSC_1579-1 The potato-girls dengan pattern kaki yang banyak lol x))

DSC_1587 Girls being girls.

DSC_1561-1 The KMK sisters. Oh i love love LOVE this pic too cz i look super fair here HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA ;P


With my clinical partner at photobooth!

DSC_1616 DSC_1238

With the mama bicycle again (which i snuggled back home after event cz i like it too much :P) and the director’s clapperboard. Ka-chak! How can the theme go without this clapperboard right?

(by the way. who took my beloved clapperboard at the end of the day?!?! D:<)


Roommates! My uber tallllllllll roommate (which i think might be 185cm tall that night. She’s already tall and still wear a pair of heels that made my wedges look like flats. My god.)


As i was assigned with the job of photographer for the night, i get to go near the stage to snap photos. Good practise though. I must apologize that most photos came out unsatisfactory :(( At the end of filter session, the number of photos taken reduced from 600+ to 300+. I am a better filter than RO water filter machine.


Emcees for the night! Formal and informal emcees :)


Opening ceremony by Year3, Skyfall contemporary dance and International Love hip-hop dance. And the Prime Bond multimedia was totally LOL-inducing! Great job to the OC-team!!


Year 1 Acapella performance.

The Elastic Band!

DSC_1374 Final Year multimedia presentation with “You Raise Me Up”.

DSC_1427 Year 2’s hilarious drama!

DSC_1437 Another band performance :))

DSC_1466 Dr. Angela and buddy Wil Liam performing “On My Own” from Les Miserables!

DSC_1464 The buddyline moment hahahaahahah :D

One of the performance i enjoyed the most: dance from Year1 juniors. Some of them are really talented in dancing and trully impressed me even during rehearsals. Good job!

And i still don’t understand what kinda light is that which able to make any white thing appear florescence. EVEN WHITE PAPER ON MY BACKDROP. Uuuhmazinggggggg :O  

DSC_1533 DSC_1530

Mr and Miss Personality candidates!


Winners for best-dressed female, male, Miss Personality and Mr. Personality (laobud laobud! xD)

End of 56 photos, phew! Grateful that the event finally came to an end. It was definitely something new to be in charged of decoration (although i was involved in one before during matrics). Also learnt some lessons throughout the preparation with batchmates. Nevertheless, i enjoyed big part of it (since it is art-related, i sort of enjoy making all the deco! :D)

For more photos see here lar:

TIME TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES AGAIN D: Exams in FEW DAYS time covering topics from Semester 1 onwards (holy shyt crap efffffff) and again, the word STUDY WEEK do not exist.

And i’m still goyang kaki blogging at here. Greattttt.

P/s: look what FB did to me after my attempt to tag MANY people in the Dental Night photos.


Facebook mei li mao o~


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