Inbound project: Cambodian Students Exchange

Welcome to Malaysia!

6 new faces were seen in the faculty for this whole week and it was them: the dental students from Cambodia! This inbound project was managed by my roommate Sylvia thus i got to kepoh more about it lololol. So during classes they would be around the faculty, making observation, while at night, is time to hang out! :D


Brought them to the typical Malaysia tourist spot: KLCC and Pavilion. Group pic as the first pic of the post! :D


The 6 friendly and funny guys from Cambodia. Hope you guys had a good time here in Malaysia! :)) Hard time remembering their names at first hahaha. I think the same thing applies on them as well? Haha~


Me & them @ Pavilion’s food court.


With my clinical partner who claimed that he looks good in this photo LOLOLOL. I do look good here cuz’ my face look magically small (with sharp chin somemore xDDDD). Then he tried to crop me out to make it as his profile pic during Epidemiology class but failed miserably. ROFL!

and, repeat repeat, he is not my boyfriend. lol.

DSC_1073Roommates in black in a Do-Re-Mi sequence (note note: THAT’S BECAUSE I’M NOT ON HEELS OKAY :3 Had a terrible time walking from KLCC to Pavillion in heels last time. Lesson learnt.). The outfit was not planned! :P

DSC_1046 Petronas twin tower at night!


The absolutely beautiful fountain infront of KLCC! Was gasping in astonishment (ok la exaggerate xD) when i saw it from far and got attracted to it by an invincible  magnet. So beautiful that photos do not do them justice. Once i set my camera to slow shutter speed to capture the dramatic water motion, the whole photo became blur. T_T Tripod, where art thou?

On the next day, we also went to Ice Bowl after having dinner at Terrence’s house (home-cooked food, very local indeed. lol). Strictly speaking, Ice Bowl should be a Taiwan food right? And was it me or the quality of Ice Bowl really dropped? Even the “pearls” went from black to transparent like giant verison of frog’s egg wtf. Nevertheless, I’m still happy because i get a FREE serving after collecting enough stamps. Who don’t love FREE GIFTS. HAHAHA #auntyism

DSC00059 Souvenirs from them, a wallet and keychain, from Cambodia for us! Very sweet of them! Despite the minor language barrier between us, they are really nice and friendly people to mix with! I wonder would i see them again in the future but it is great knowing them :)

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On the other hand, birthday celebration for Keng Siang and Xuan Lin at….. a Chinese restaurant. *failed-food-blogger-moment* Personally love the fried chicken and curry fish the most! :D

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Fragments of gang photo lol. Quality of photos taken that day was so bad that i’m reluctant to upload some of them. So overexposed and blur T.T Sorry guys! And i was so tired that i paid RM10 and spent the first half of the movie “Snitch” sleeping in the MBO cinema. First time in the history man. Is either i was soooooo exhausted, or the movie is really boring lol. Sorry Dwayne Johnson, you smile just don’t work on me this time, not when the Great Sleeping Bug come attack.


  teaser for upcoming post (& Dental Night! Spot them on that night!)

one week to go, all Year3 dentalians, FIGHT FOR THE BEST!