Farewell, MSN Messenger.

Have been neglecting my blog for a fortnight, again. I was so overloaded with dental projects works and really couldn’t squeeze out an hour or two for this site. Sigh. 心有余而力不足 ya know? lulz.

Before i get back to what am i busy with nowadays, lets go back to the title. Yeap, our childhood memories (not exactly childhood.. teenage-hood?!), the ever holy MSN Messenger has been announced shut down on 15 March 2013. A programme that brightened up most of our high school life with multiple functions before the emergence of Facebook (with Facebook chat function).

msn-messenger-3 This is the window that used to occupy a corner of our desktop whenever we turned on our computers. And every now and then you can see a little rectangular thingy popping up and down and the bottom right corner of your screen, notifying who have came online. That was the moment you prayed hard that it displays your crush’s name lolololol wtf.


This series of picture from a famous Taiwanese blogger, Wan Wan, used to be my favourite list of display pic. Just change them according to your daily mood! How cute is that? :D

onionhead-1 Untitled
And the emoticons! The Onion Head dude on the left was the series of emoticons which i downloaded like mad last time because it was so irresistibly and dramatically adorable :D And most of us have the habit to put images, like those on the right, to express ourselves even though it was just a simple LOL or BYE.

Emoticons are so overused that sometimes people even replace individual alphabets with EMOTICONS. Mother of God. Then the whole conversation appear like such:

eWhich take 200% of your brain’s energy to analyse the whole conversation if it is a lengthy one. Not mentioning how the individual emoticon bounce up down left right like monkeys. That takes 399% of your brain energy to analyse the conversation, with 1% reserved to curse the person “WTF ARE YOU TYPING CAN YOU PLEASE TYPE LIKE A HOMO SAPIEN PLEASE THANK YOU”. 

And not forgetting the winks!!

dimes_wlm_emote_4msn_messenger7_21 msn_7_c107063

And the Mother of Winks goes to this woman:winks12ax

If you remember her, you probably have a terrified childhood lol. This woman laugh like: hahahahaha. Hahahahaha. HAHAHAA. HAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA!!!!!! tehee~ (yes there’s a tehee or hehe at the end .____.)


send_unlimited_nudges One of the great tool to annoy your friend especially if you know how to send ‘Nudge’ repeatedly, so frequently that your friends feel like either biting your head off or smashing his/her computer screen. Yay :D

The group-chat function also became a big part of my wonderful high school memory. Every Friday or Saturday night (or even Christmas/Merdeka/New Year eves!), this bunch of lifeless kids would sit infront of their own computers and SPAM SPAM SPAM! Loads of rubbish talk indeed but that’s what we did to foster our friendships :D. Messenger’s webcam function also became a very important element in my previous long-distance relationship (although you probably spent 30% of the time saying Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? siao.)

Thank you, MSN / Window Live Messenger, for cheering me up throughout these years. Facebook chat (or Whatsapp. Tau lah i takde smartphone skrg and still rely on FB chat lol) has taken your place but you shall be a remembered. :D


So just a lil continuation of what i’m up with recently. Ever since my holidays in the late January i have been engaged in many designing tasks, be it for DENSOC magazine, Dental Night, many zhapalang stuffs, or this event which just ended yesterday: Dental Intervarsity Sports Carnival. Doing more designing things than dental stuffs made me considering changing course to become an Art student instead lololol.

DSC00052intervarsity poster print

intervarsity banner large

My name tag and poster + banner for the event designed by me (recycling the same things for everything :P). Became the Head of Publicity Bureau once again, quite satisfied with the designs but they appeared wayyyyyyyy darker in the printed outcomes. Intervasity sports carnival was an annual event hosted in different dental schools in Malaysia, involving both public and private dental school. This year, UM because the host and the event was participated by 9 universities. Fortunately, UM emerged as the overall champion (wohoooooooo!) Congrats to all the UM Dental athletes!  So proud and happy of them although i did nothing on the event day (just swaying from one location to another, hunting handsome dudes lolololol wtheck)


First attempt to make a promo video (without any presets. And that’s really time consuming TToTT). Need to brush up my AfterEffect skills a lot but i doubt i have the time (and persistence…xD) So meanwhile, just let me deal with something that doesn’t require movement lol.

Next up: Dental Night preparation. I think i’m probably ditching the blog for another fortnight again :3