Random Ipoh Escape

Visited this land that produce leng lui again! I think my last visit was just.. 2 years ago? Anyway, this 2D1N trip was so random that we actually decided on it 2 days before the trip. Guess everyone has already started measuring-floor at home :P

I’m going to tell the story anti-chronologically because the most photo-worthy place was actually one of our last destinations! 


Here it is! Burps & Giggles @ Ipoh old town. It occupies two old shoplots and the signboard was not clearly visible. The signboard was at the side of the shop instead of the typical location of signboards. So keep your eyes wide open! Passengers, do not sleep in the car! Or you can become like me, who saw the signboard unintentionally en route the journey to somewhere else, and kept quiet. LOL. The driver almost killed me :P You don’t ask, i don’t say lor.

 DSC_0288-1DSC_0289-1 DSC_0292-1DSC_0286-1 DSC_0293-1DSC_0295-1

Some of the internal designs! Good thing about coming here during non-peak moment is you can run around the whole restaurant and snap photos like mad :D The internal designs was uniquely retro with many interesting details and creative ideas.


Presenting you the sexy items: Marilyn Monroe,  sexy lamp stand sexier than my legs, and sexy round juicy boobs and asses woot woot woot. THAT CLEAVAGES  hahahahaha wtf.


And one of my favourite spot here: The modified table attached to an old bicycle! :D


Even the backstreet is interesting! You can choose to dine here, in the Lazy Lane, in a lazy evening.


Some Penang-street-art-ish artwork. I tried to sit of the bike and almost fell down lololol. Yea i’m so smart, sooooo smart. I know.


Nice setting for photoshoot!:D


And their food! Basically it was quite delicious but a lil pricey as well. Forgotten the name of the first pastry but it was GOOD! Me likey! The 2nd one is Mango… something (lol) and it was served cold. Personally prefer the formal one though. The third one is Oyster Boom and it is da boom! Almost everyone like this! Something special and worth a try :))


The chicken burger, which is actually called Poulet here, but we just address it is Burger Ayam Special lol. All burgers here are served together with that knife. Maybe you can use that to warn any bull-shitter among your companions. Shut up or you will lose your tongue dude. Or you can treat him this chocolate brownie hot from oven because it is so tongue-burning. But i like! Better than Secret Recipe’s. Nevertheless for the same dollar spent, i would still prefer Burger Lab’s A+ burger over Poulet. Personal preference :))

DSC_0355 (finally photo of some homo sapien) My travel companions! Adeline, Ming Xiao, the boss Jun Yi, Ka Yaw and Joyce. Thanks to lou sai Jun Yi for organising this trip and driving us around! :D

DSC_0380    Another group pic with my face revealed lol.

Since the title is Random Ipoh Escape instead of Random Burps & Giggles Escape i shall continue the tales of other local food. No more expensive food D:

DSC_0163 Duck mee in Bidor! The duck soup is served together with wantan mee (which is quite normal to me). The duck soup was not bad though, the duck is so well-cooked that the guys said you can just eat the bones as well. Extra calcium, good for teeth lol. :D


Egg tart from Nam Heong coffee shop, the origin of Old Town White Coffee. Me likey! Freshly baked from oven thus explains the heat and crispiness! :D

DSC_0191e Went to Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld, if you still able to recall any sejarah regarding it. I don’t.) for our seafood dinner. The restaurants were quite hidden lol. That’s the reason why my family failed to locate them during our last visit. Anyway, fresh seafood at reasonable price from Restaurant Tepi Sungai (十八丁海上海鲜餐馆). I especially love the butter prawns! The drinks were extraordinarily expensive though (RM9 for a teapot of chrysanthemum?!).


Supper at Lou Wong Bean Sprouts Chicken (Nga Choi Gai) after soaking ourselves in the hot springs of Sunway Lost World of Tambun (RM15 per entrance. No photos available cz obviously i don’t want my DSLR to enjoy the spa. It is a DSLR, not a freaking egg, there’s no need to cook it. :P Challenged the hottest ones wohoo!) Back to the nga choi gai, this is not my first time trying this and i need not emphasize how fat and juicy the bean spouts are compared to those cooked by Aunty Dewan Makan lol.


Since the night was still young (not!), we came here after the heavy supper: Euro House! Cheers moment! And the night i knew my stomach can hardly tolerate with alcohol (not even 5% wtf) before my brain have the chance to test its tolerance. I think i had at most 3 cups and the gas was enough to irritate my stomach so much that it made me puke. Yes, literally. Ma gawd. It happened when we were already back in the house, not at the place itself, so don’t give me a disgusted look if you are picturing me in some awkward messy condition lol. And i was not even tipsy, don’t even talk about drunk. =_______= Anyway, learnt a fun dice-game from the guys though. :P

DSC_0212 Curry mee for breakfast! One of my favourite food here because it was different from those in KL :D Another favourite food of mine is the super smooth Taufu Fa (DAYUM i no snap photo ToT Too eager to finish it!). I miss the taufu fa already! So smooth that is slipped through all the stratified squamous epithelium of your esophagus and droooop! in your stomach now!


If you still remember Sejarah, this is what we called kapal korek of bijih timah. LOL. Bunch of semangat-ed young adults ==” Charge us RM5 somemore! :3


Some of the inside view. We were the only visitors during that time anyway. LOL. *yawn* i’m just not a history person :P

That’s all for our lil escape to Ipoh! Just gotta have a good rest before another escape again. Okay i promise to not yawn loudly early in the morning anymore. Or maybe not. Heh. Can’t help it okay, i am always the earliest to wake up during vacations with friends! :3


  1. wow the burps and giggle place so nice!!

  2. The Burps and Giggles burgers are nice! But like you said, it's a lil pricey, and small. And no accompanying fries.. :(


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