Gong 蛇 Fa Chai~

Lame. Totally lame title. I deserve a slap. Dah lah getting lazier to blog nowadays, try to be lame somemore.


Just some photo collections during the Chinese New Year!


The youngest ones in my father-side family, my lil cousins :D Love to capture them every year when i come back. Kids nowadays, they don’t play Barbie doll with you, they play Black Jack. LOL.

 DSC_0551 Chinese-New-Year-must-have: FIREWORKS! baby you are fireeeeeeeworks~ *shoot fireworks from boobs wtf* Oh ya, this is best photo i could get after trying to shoot fireworks for the whole night. Neighbours around my grandma’s house are certainly rich, their fireworks will report to work on time. OT somemore. Every.Single.Year.

  DSC_0605 DSC_0674DSC_0666-1

Singapore 1-day-trip again (that’s one of the items in my CNY-package lol), this time at Sentosa Island and Marina Bay. Went into the casino, for the free drinks HAHAHAHAHA (serious, the Milo is very nice) Also visited Gardens by The Bay, after looking at all the beautiful photos taken by my photography sifu Deff :P Then i realised the importance of wide-angled lens; or else you gotta bend bend bend to capture something near from lower angle! 10 more years in dentistry and i should have trouble doing so already lol *choi choi choi*


Also visited another item in my every-year-CNY-package: FGS Dong Zen Temple (佛光山东禅寺).

DSC_0745DSC_0739DSC_0740 DSC_0743

Some of the impressive artworks in exhibition, carved from wood.


Coursemates reunion dinner (strictly speaking, not really re-union anyway. we see each other everyday anyway. lul.) Thai Food at Khun Tai! Food are not bad but i was too hungry to snap photo. Always prioritize your stomach first Vo.oV


Me and the last mandarin orange from patient! One of my patient’s mom actually gave us ang pau, some container-full of CNY snacks and mandarin oranges although we did not meet her before. So sweet of them!! Although i’m not very into CNY snacks and mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year nowadays (ba-kua still top my list!), it is still very warm and blissful to get them from someone else as appreciation. Totally made my day! :D And i managed to finish almost all of the food even before i reached room after class ==” OF COURSE, not all on my own, although i know i must been gaining another layer of adipose tissue around my tummy since it had been a hot spot for attack by many evil friends recently. TToTT

Also went to Genting with le gang before Chinese New Year! Huat ar!

538272_10151418354977902_226905283_n The group pic with the crazy people :P Yes someone please explain the phenomenon of bending bodies during group-pic taking. As if there are 10 elephant feet stepping on us lol.


Photo-spamming with Kent’s i-Pad when the guys are off testing the presence of Lady Luck at casino. Major love the photo on the left! :D And while looking for idea for poses on bed (ahem) for the photo on the right, i Google-Image-ed something something hotel bed portrait photoshoot and some sexual-appeal pictures popped up wtf. And the others was like “how can you not expect those hamsap hamsap stuffs when you Google THOSE key words?”  Google, you think too much.


Testing one of those funny specs with the totally idiotic price tag lol. There are more silly camwhore photos but due to public safety reason, i shall be a responsible blogger by not disclosing uneasy content to public’s eyes. Not hamsap things (if you are thinking bout it now please knock your forehead to the table 5 times thank you) but there were so retarded that they really made me ROFL-ed :D Very tempted to share, but better not. Quote friend, market value is very important, nay, for THE SINGLE ONES lullllz.

Happy Snake Year everybody! Or more precisely Happy Water-Snake (水蛇) Year because it has been raining for the whole Chinese New Year at almost everywhere! Singapore and JB, and some say Selangor. :3

“Want to rain also please don’t rain when i just finished my class la, ello?”


CNY coming to an end soon on this weekend! May we have a blessed year ahead! :)