Trick Art Museum @ I-city

Trick Art Museum has been in other countries, eg Korea. I remember seeing some photos taken by people at Trick Art Museum overseas and thought it was so cool! And now it is in Malaysia, right in I-city @ Shah Alam. Opened from 11am-11pm with an entrance fee of RM5.00. I suppose it was quite small scale compared to that in oversea, but it should be enough to excite you if you are dramatic-photo person LOL. I AM NOT. Okay I lied lol. It was my 3rd visit to I-city and my purpose is just to visit this place actually :P

DSC_0066 Most ‘hiong’ photo come first: DON’T EVER TRY TO MESS WITH ME, 老娘不是好惹滴! *trying to pose using black-belt-Taekwando-skill which has already karat for n years*

DSC_0008 And another of my epic face. Escape criticism, they say.

DSC_0014 Mirror image with Sylvia!

DSC_0056 There’s only one flat floor here, no steps involved! My bro doubted this hard when he looked at the photo. Beware of crocs!

icity2 Just some other paintings which you expected to see here! They actually have samples of how to pose in front of the paintings.

icity Love these wings! With Mee Poh, her sister, and Sylvia. The wings are just right for Mee Poh!


Kalao tak ambil gambar dengan background ini macam tak pernah mai I-city so here it is! Not too thrilled and amazed looking at the lights for a non-first-timer like me. That’s why I-city keep on adding zhapalang stuffs into it to attract people!

DSC_0119 LED lights @ I-city @ Shah Alam.


eUntitled-1 Was with Pavilion with Sylvia and we just HAVE to take this because LOOK, DUCKFACE IS SO MAINSTREAM, NOW GOAT HAS IT TOO >@<. Oh God, Why. The designer must have a enemy with the same zodiac as mine.