Roommates Photoshoot ♥

So besides chocolate, three of us were trying to de-stress ourselves during exams with HOLIDAY PLANS! And one of them was photoshoot. I suggested KLCC park to be the venue cz… no because. Okay maybe because i don’t know any other parks which are reachable by public transport. Or maybe i don’t even know the existence of other parks in KL *failed Selangor/KL-ian*. So really, if any of you have knowledge of any good parks in KL, kindly share with me lol.

KLCC park photoshoot begins here!

bDSC_0974e My lil braids and moi. Heart my hair! Prop: Sylvia’s sandals. Her shoes matched me, my high heels matched her. :P


Sacrifice of camera-girl: Soil, soil everywhere. Dirty feet, dirty legs, dirty knees, and dirty BUTT. Gosh i actually sat on damp grass in WHITE pants. *insert Dynamo advertisement*

bDSC_0884-1 Another favourite pic of mine! :D Edited the photos of mine into warmer colour cz i like that feel :D


Okay that was suppose to be a heart. And there’s a heart-shape indentation on the tree actually. A bit FAIL. :3

bDSC_0828-1 Prepare for the journey ahead by getting a good rest! :)

aDSC_0796-2 My beautiful roommate Sylvia. Look like a pure little angel but actually a siao poh HAHAHAHA why must i put a caption that ruin the ‘feel’ of a photo *run away from her and her fans*


More of the adorable her. :))


Introducing the ever funny and cute roommate, mei-bao-mei the ROBBER!!!

“ I know you are trying to snap me!”


Black & White, the Devil and Angel yo!


All posts must end with a group photo so THIS IS OUR GROUP PHOTO LOLOLOL. Yes with my very un-glam half-squatting position like almost terberak wtf.

My future boyfriend must not see me in action with my camera because all the monkey poses would unveil themselves when i was too concentrate on the camera. But again, that’s my true self anyway. There’s a dude living in this girly outer shell of mine lol.

For more photos kindly refer here!

So it was my first time doing portrait photoshoot (last few times i was being shot with friends instead of shooting people. Sounds a bit… blood-ish) and there’s SO MUCH improvement needed. The room of improvement is like.. is like.. is like the size of 1 Utama lol (people iz the 4th largest shopping mall in the world okay). Need to improve more on the aperture to create more dramatic blurred-out background effect, need to study pose of models (and angles!). Need to improve on exposure too, cannot be too lazy to use the same exposure for everything although the background is the same. And definitely need to improve in editing skills! Everytime when i finished editing and looked at the photos edited by professional i would turned into a wilted flower. Emo. Anyway photo-editing is a very subjective thing. Some people like it to be warm-coloured (like me!), some prefer it to be as original as it is, some preferred HDR images (while some find it fake). There’s zhapalang photo effect in the album because i was trying to play with different effect. That explains why the whole album macam rojak or pasembur. Bear with me.

IMPROVE IMPROVE IMPROVE! Come come, who wants a photoshoot here? :P


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