Half way thru’ the dentalian years.

Back to the blogsphere after a fortnight, nay, a very memorable fortnight lol. Actually more than a fortnight already!  Initially it was pathetically hectic, making me totally grumpy and emotional. Year 3 dental students do not, i repeat, NOOOOOTTTT, have a study week and we have exams & competency test scattered between macam-macam types of clinical sessions. Exhausting for a beginner, no? Like we are robots with two modes: Exam mode and Clinics mode. And what made me even grumpier during this critical moments is when i don’t get my (ordered) food on time when i’m starving.*insert my head on a 2-year-old on baby-chair, waving her cubby hands up and down with plastic fork and spoon, yelling frantically for FOOD. FOOD. FOOOOOOOOOD*

And then as dramatic and as impossible it might sound, one of the expected-to-be-toughest paper (toughest because it has a glamour name called INTEGRATED PAPER lol. Everything in a pot!) is announced cancelled 24hours prior to the paper. Yes you read it right, it spells C-A-N-C-E-L-L-E-D. How many times in your life would you get an exam CANCELLED 1 day before exam? Expect the unexpected, believe the unbelievable, thanks to the Law of Attraction lololol. You cannot imagine how thrilled the Year3 students are. The alveolus in my lungs are gotta burst when i saw the announcement on Facebook *hyperventilate*, and it was too early for April Fool, right? :P I believe in miracles again lol wtf.

AAAAAAAAAAAND THEN just when you thought it is the end,

Today i saw the announcement saying the exam is “postponed” not “cancelled”.

wtf how many times my faculty want us to have mood swing weih seriously. .__________. 

The changes in the academic/exam/clinics schedules and management of our batch is like a never ending Hokkien drama. On air since 2010.


So here are just some photo of my coursemates during my birthday! (ok lah that two things are not even related, it just happened so as my birthday was on the last Friday of 2012 and everyone have a long lunch break lol)


A very complete batchmate photo! Finally and fortunately, every single of us is present :)) I am fated to stand at the side/ first row/combination of both, as usual. =o=~

DSC_0600 The batch 2010/15 dudes!

DSC_0596   And the batch 2010/15 babes!


Group E (Lab 5 in Year1, apa-apa je la), the group with most Chinese lol.

DSC_0634My ever noisy clinical partner & moi. :D 

DSC_0613le 5-guys-5-girls fanxu gang :)


Manager and the Dental-5-Tigers who stopped open-market with that silly group name. But i’m still the manager though, donno manage what pun, manage myself meh.

So, here ends my Semester1 of Year3, which also means that I’m half way thru’ my 5 years of dental life already! WOW.

Year 3? Busy. Tired. CONFUSED (highlight underline bold italic). The awkward batch under revolution. idontknowwhattosay. Also have enjoyable moments for sure, most patients are really nice :D

Anyway, farewell to my Semester 1 with a sad movie (ok again that two don’t even relate to each other):

the-impossible-international-poster The Impossible. Not too much of complicated storyline, just describing how a family reunited after a disaster: the tsunami in 2004.

And a simple story is enough to made us sobbed like kitten lol. Our facial expression are literally TT.TT (Yes with that two big row of tears TT.TT). And no one dare to sniff the nostril mucus back loudly because we thought it was embarrassing HAHAHAHA TuT. Ended up crying for almost throughout the whole movie T.T I am a person who can’t cry at the saddest love movie but easily triggered by movie of family love. The actors were really good. Walked into the cinema without knowledge of the movie, walked out in tears with satisfaction. Recommended! Caution to people with allergy to onion :P

Trailer! :))

Holidays, baby! Will update this space more often naooooooo. Holiday plans wohoo! Hint hint: next post should be filled with nice photos, if we were fortunate enough. :D