fonito 2012 is quite a happening year lol. Other than the end-of-world-rumour that i don’t really give a damn, i did quite a number of things! And of course as a dental student we should start the topic by relating it to teeth.

1. Lost 5 teeth, on purpose.


And so my teeth number dropped form 32 (including half-impacted ones) to 27.

belum cabut gigi orang, gigi sendiri kena cabut dulu.

2. Jailed my teeth with metal, for good.


Sequel of #1, ortho braces FTW! Beginning of treatment on the left, 4 months after treatment on the right. Crowding is much relieved, lets wait for my teeth to move inwards and correct that god-damn bimaxillary protrusion :3

3. Damaged my hair, for good (?)


Permed my hair at last!! Yuhoo! And dyed hair twice (during CNY & end of year to cover the roots). Hair much damaged. :O

4. Adopted a baby called Nicole-cam.


My oh-so-darling-beloved DSLR after 2 years :D One of the best best best thing i got this year :)) Ting's Photography

Some of the photos that made me happy, taken with Nicole-cam. More to come, more to learn, more to improve :))

5. Start treating real patient.

284135_10151235389936011_54329357_n (1)

Okay this is not exactly real patient, the poor girl on rubber damn is actually my coursemate+sis Xuan Lin xP. Taken during our pre-clinical practise! Now we got real patients, and i’m grateful that most of my patients were really friendly and fun, some are even very compliant! And really thank them for being understanding for a beginner like me :)) Patients are of your best teachers in dental life beside lecturers. :D

DSC_0634 Not forgetting the most hiao clinical partner, Mr.Poly Piggie or more formally known as Terrence lol. Continue to hiao for our benefits (hahahahahaha), stop hiao whenever i have a guy patient whose age is almost similar to us ==” He is damn eager to promote me into the market .______.

6. Moved out.

DSC_1011DSC_1012 roommate

Since residential college abandoned me, i moved out into my new rented room, initially reluctantly (due to financial issue lol) yet loving it now! No place is perfect, for sure. Nevertheless i think this place is good enough for me with absolute freedom and convenience (own bathroom! kitchen! :P) AND not forgetting my fun roommates, Sylvia and Mee Poh! We were not that close before this due to different residential college but i’m so grateful to have them as my roommates now as they were so caring and funny :P We could sit and talk for the whole night OMG. Love you both! 

7. Secured a scholarship.


A way for me to train myself to be more financially independent. Thank you ST Tiew Dental! :D

8. Learnt cooking

(okay my food are not really photogenic so i better do not enclose them here haha. It is a good start okay, i did not even fry an egg before in the past 20 years xD)

9. Made miniature rooms 

  DSC_0246-1DSC_0899-1 DSC_0367-1e

Yes! Personal achievement in my hobby in crafts! Very proud of it as i have been admiring miniature rooms for so long AND now i can make my own! Next target: miniature HOME. Complete dollhouse with room, living room, toilet, kitchen, etc! :D

10. Turned 21!

others Just mentioned about it in my previous post. Kindly scroll down for more information lol. Thanks to my beloved family, high school babes, roommates, ex-roommates, fanxu gang, buddyline, friends who sent me wishes etc. once again! May everybody be blessed with happy and lucky life in the coming new year!

fonito12 Happy New Year! Cannot be any lazier! xP


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