Tooth fairy passed by.

Not exactly tooth fairy, she only pick up deciduous teeth. Aboh i would have extra income of $5, if each tooth is worth $1. Cz i just extracted the 5th tooth of the year! D:

So i was planning to have my wisdom tooth extracted (which is ironically, NOT wisdom at all. You jerk. Totally a misnomer.), precisely my 48 as it keep giving me pericoronitis recently and it was totally disturbing. Next to it, there lives a equally retarded tooth named 47 who like to tilt its head to one side since forever. Their relationship basically look like this:


 Man, this photo was taken when my 44 was still happily saliva-bathing before it was sacrificed for my braces D:

Then, in high hope that the dentist would agreed to get rid of my 48 so i can put an end to this pericoronitis problem (所谓斩草不除根,春风吹又生,咱们斩牙除根呗。LOL), the dentist, after discussing with my orthodontist, decided to extract my 47 instead and let the 48 drift mesially for an easier ortho treatment, rather than waiting for my 47 to turn back to the normal occlusal plane obediently.

So, the 3rd molar is still there. Fine, just be good and stop giving me infection okay..

DSC09818 le 47 of moi! One of the highly demanded tooth in optech! Haha!


Cannot use for endo project cz it has fused root. *idk what am i doing with this photo*


And light blue + light green elastic ligature of braces for now! Very not my style since i’m always pink pink and more pink. This colour reminds me of the stupid stupid bugs in KMK which can be killed easily just with one pinch (and frequently found in between pages of book HAHAHA. Kiap die you.)

DECEMBER ALREADY! My favourite month! May i have a happy last month of 2012!

2012 is such a year that i did a lot of things to my teeth, my hair, and MONEY.


  1. I am planning for my 38 being extracted. But I think it has grown pretty nice nw..

    1. if it doesnt give you problem then ok la. Mine keep giving me inflammation, pek cek lor.. lol~


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