Ol’ Days with Innocence


Do you have this in your home? The “growth chart” of yours and your siblings? Accidentally glanced at this while i was digging for the nail clipper in storeroom lol. At a forgotten corner at the back of the storeroom’s door, here is where we recorded growth. Those were the days we excitedly asked dad to put that big Jacob biscuit tin on top of our small head and record the increment of height (and pray for the miracle that can alter our short gene HAHAHAHAHA. Neh-mind, i fed up bothering of my height long time ago since i am a GIRL and heels solved everything. Ngek ngek.)


And remember this? The recorder we used during our upper primary days! Whereby everyone was so semangat-ed to blow it (either rela or paksa-rela lol) until saliva flow out from another end wtf. Then when we were even brainless, we would dissect the recorder, smell the inside of it and immediately puke double wtfff. *facepalm*. And i die die also dare not blow into our old recorder now cz god knows how many gazillion of bacteria are residing in it after not being disturbed for years. Gosh. Must autoclave it before stuffing it into my mouth.

DSC_0341 DSC_0344DSC_0346DSC_0347 

And THIS! My treasure that have not been exposed to the world’s eyes lol! I used to have this habit of collecting cut-out from student newspaper regarding all the weird things around the world. And by the way SINCE WHEN I GOT A NAME CALLED IRENE LOLOLOL. I can barely remember. And since i am in Uni people start giving me names like LINDA (secret code but got discovered by me hehehe. stupiak!), Manager, Minaga, Many-ger, Ma-ni-jia, Mei-na-jia.. Indian name Japanese name Korean name Vegetable name semua keluar. Man.


Everyone shouldn’t forget this! 纪~念~册!!!! Last time in primary school, we used to call this book “自我介绍”somemore. I have 4 of them, from Standard 3 till KMK time (can open the 5th one when i grad but i wonder anyone would be free enough to bother me ==”). Of course, the stupid-most one is on the top, larh. 双黄莲蓉 WTF. I must be very desperate for sticker that i need to steal the mooncake’s sticker. In the year of 2000, i had a Lotus Paste Double Yolks mooncake.

Part 2 if i dig out more things!


Not a very smooth week in clinics but everything shall turn fine, very soon. Cannot be discouraged!


*throw all the paranoid-either-world-ends-or-we-have-3-days-of-continuous-darkness-so-start-storing-your-food-and-look-for-shelter-cowcrap-wtf people with tang yuan. Sekian.*


  1. I LOL-ed. i see me on your computer screen <3

    1. You will LOL somemore if i show you the whole vid! Like seriously all the noob faces omg *dig a hole and hide*

  2. Replies
    1. too poor to afford a proper sticker HAHAHA XD


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