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Finally, my long awaited Burger Lab experience! So there was this one fine evening after ward round AND we reached home AND i asked roommate what did she planned to cook for dinner AND she said she is lazy AND i suddenly shouted:


So loud that one of my housemates told my roommate that the whole house could hear that. X)

So three siao zhar bor hauled themselves into a taxi excitedly and tada!


…. we became the first customer(s) of myBurgerLab on 4/12/2012. LOL!!! #SiaoEnough. When we reached the shop it was not even open yet but we just stood there waiting, before the queue got long within 15 minutes.DSC_0800e

FIRST CUSTOMER FTW!! *bangga sangat"*

DSC_0821 The ordering counter.

DSC_0807DSC_0808 DSC_0809

  Some of their interior designs.


The totally random roommates~ :P


My A+ Chicken burger! Totally awesome! The cheese was well melted and they have a special mushroom sauce in it. Chicken was juicy enough (though i have minor suffering to cut food with my incisors. One of my lower incisors is very semangat-ed to align itself recently hence it is painful whenever i bite. ==”). And p/s: the bread tend of stuck easily between my braces and since it is BLACK, it is kind of… disfiguring hahahaha. Okay that is not the burger’s problem, is the blogger’s problem. :P

And yes you can’t see the content of burger well here because i was too hungry to separate and reassemble the burger nicely for photo purpose like those in fast food advertisement. Sorry lah har.


The fries is SO NICE, IT DESERVES A CLOSE UP PIC ITSELF *gek dong*. One of the best fries i tried so far! the seasoning is really special and the combination of it with the sauce given is amazing! I could eat this non-stop!

If you order a set, the burger comes with fries and refillable drinks. Me and Sylvia shared the drinks and we refilled for around 6 or 7 times of ice lemon tea. HAHAHAHA *MalaysianAunty-ism*

427867_504492372896166_1844184910_n One of the interesting guideline i saw on their Facebook page.

Definitely consider for a re-visit in future! I don’t care if people say it is expensive, once in awhile for good food is totally OKAY! :P


Another unplanned semi-coursemates movie outing on a Wednesday movie night! Half of us came out together just for this movie: Life of Pi!


I need not to describe how awesome it is. Definitely a good movie to ponder after watching (esp after reading the movie analysis circulated on FB. lol. Act chim.) As i am quite a visual-type of person, i find the graphic truly fascinating. Breathtakingly beautiful. Although, yes, it looks fake but it is so mesmerising! (unlike some Singapore movies with failed fake graphic that annoyed me. Both fake graphics but gave contrasting impact on me lololol. Not i pilih kasih please :P)




  1. oh gawd~ u posted abt the *aunty-ism* part too =o=

    1. lol roommie i thought who is this~ Alluring Sapphire~ :P


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