Christmas & le 21st ♥

Finally 21! And i’m just gonna feast your eyes with BUNCH of photos since i have numerous celebrations with different bunch of favourite people this year :P Very busy in the past 2 weeks, you gotta make appointment with me if you wanna bring me out. HAHAHAHAHAHA TEE YI TING YOU THINK YOU ARE XIA MI VIP?

Birthday celebration with the uni gang came first!


1st birthday cake of the year! With Mee Soto hiding behind the candles HAHAHA *inside joke* (p/s: that's the misheard version of mistletoe)


The celebrated ones, Adeline & me :)) Happy 21st to both of us, finally it’s our turn~ December babies rocks yea :P

DSC_0269  Needless to say, the potato gang! 

DSC_0246Dave’s Original 1/4 Roast Chicken @ Dave’s Deli One Utama, treated by others. It was delicious! I like the cheesy mash potato (!!!), the generous amount of gravy (some restaurant damn kiam siap with their gravy!) and the totally SOFT chicken (suitable for lazy person who is even lazy to use this god creation called teeth. And masticatory muscles. Bahaha.)


One Utama’s Christmas decoration! Like what i’d shared during a Christmas party, what i love the most about Christmas is all the nice decorations in shopping malls~ And those in OneU is so damn adorable omg. Sweets, sweets everywhere. Diabetic much.


Fanxu guys & girls. Glad that we still maintain the tradition of celebrating each others’ birthdays together, since we are no longer staying together now. :)


Went dating with my ex-roommate, Nadia who were only-lonely in Klang after finished her EOP exam as her other coursemates went home. Awwwww~ don’t be sad :P *inconsiderate Selangorian* And the was the day whereby smart people which are damn good in timezone said that “End of the world for Malaysia is 2pm of 22Dec2012”. At 2pm, i was probably indulging in my perfect chocolate-volcano dessert. Screw rumours, i did not die in sea of chocolate as imagined by Terrence lol.


Me and Nadia with the volcanic-choc with ice-cream as described in my last visit to Vivo in this post. This time it is not deformed haha. As awesome as 1st trial, Nadia loves it too! *both thumbs up*


My chicken lasagna~ The main reason i ordered this was i just went for ortho appointment on the day before and got my wires changed. So, say Hi to Mr.Pain. Lasagna is super lan pek-pek and even edentulous old man can eat :P Thank you, le Creator of Lasagna. (i forgot the taste and only remember the texture ==”)

DSC_0366Christmas decoration in AEON Bukit Tinggi, just a typical big tall tree….

And super BIG & SHINY Christmas ball :D

DSC_0370 Us! Another-roommate Amy Ling, don’t be jelly. Hahahaha :P We love you too :P

Merry Christmas, folks!


 DSC_0406 DSC_0413 Birthday celebration on Christmas eve with my beloved roommates and they treated me at here: PLAN B!!! :D I was so excited! F.Y.I. i always have random cravings to visit random restaurants after looking at others’ photos on Facebook. And Plan B is one of it! Kamsahamnida! Arigatho! Xie xie!


My Asian-Style Golden Softshell Crab Spaghetti. Quite unique, not a bad choice :))

DSC_0421 DSC_0424

My lil birthday cake set! So cute lah! And that two small thing is the Hanjuku cheese cakes. Was so bloated with my spaghetti yet i still able to finish more than 50% of them like a lou sai. Dessert Queen FTW lol.


My dearest rooommates Mee Poh & Sylvia! Thank you soooooooooooo much for everything :D


Christmas feel @ Mid Valley! Very detailed efforts! I love the little decorations on the Christmas tree like owls and lil birds instead of the typical balls/candy/stars. It is very lively and rich with the feel of snowy Christmas night in Western countries :P Very warming!


And my outfit suits the Christmas theme lol.



Birthday treat from my super beloved dental buddyline in Nandos @ Jaya One! Thank you so much people! Almost 2 months not seeing them (especially the younger buddies) and we always have so much to talk about! Love these human :D Shir Inn said since i got my DSLR, the buddyline photos of this year itself can be even more than that of past 10 years HAHAHAHA xD

DSC_0523 Buddyline without lao bud. The Ice Lemon Tea in the centre can represent him xD

DSC_0529 At the end of the meal they gave us this chicken head (lol) with many little flags/cards/toothpick-mini-flags etc. And the colour surprisingly matched well with my outfit omg. I don’t wanna be a chicken, i don’t wanna! *jump away like a chick*

Everybody is chicken-fied xD


Starting my birthday itself by sleeping with damp hair (bad!), woke up and hesitated to attend lecture BUT still attended lecture (damn i’m a good student lol) in my toilet slippers, noticed fire drill practice in dental faculty and immediately flee the scene to collect my newly-renewed i/c (does they even relate), took coursemates’ photo in front of DTC, lunch treat from partner Terrence and Xuan Lin, examined my buddy+Year1-patient Vincent with almost PERFECT teeth (ma gosh.), durian for dinner (:D :D :D), same birthday cake with last year cz i requested it, uploaded and tagged photos on FB ( added with birthday wishes) till i almost fainted lol.

In conclusion:

DSC_0556DSC_0671 DSC_0651DSC_0663
    Photo is always a better explanation lol. Will talk about the dental group pic some other day! :)



Not forgetting my totally stunning girl-friends in high school: Audrey, Shaunie & Peh Ge! Once in one/two months we would have random yamcha gathering to exchange stories. And listening to the sequel of some stories is even more attractive than TVB dramas lol.  Love them banyak-banyak! Cheong-k outing with them at Redbox Sunway Pyramid, and dammit they don’t allow us to sing extra anymore :3 #greedyconsumer

Knew Shaunie & Peh Ge since primary school! And that’s our noob look back in Form3 in 2004 x) The oldest photo i managed to find in my lappie, if i were to trace back primary school photos i gotta dig the old photo albums (as in, touchable photo albums lol)

DSC_0709   Just another one! Thank you girls for always be there for me :))


Being officially 21 is actually not something big; it’s just a age that legalize some activities that doesn’t even interest me lol (like casino. i rather go Genting Outdoor Theme Park if i go there :P). I don’t need a big cake in the shape of a key or ‘21’, neither do i need expensive present like golden key or jewellery or new smartphone or new pad or credit card or.. list goes on. One of the best thing i got for this year is the master behind all photos in this blog post: my beloved DSLR Nicole! Orthodontic braces is placed on 2nd place cz it gives me pain hahaha. Being 21 is more of a point that we decide to be even more independent.

My 21st birthday wishes (+ 2013 New Year resolutions. 2 in 1 :D) (other than STANDARD wishes eg “Peaceful World” “Healthy & happy family & friends” “Batchmates will graduate together without retain” etc.)
1) Be more financially independent
2) Be more sociable (yes i am actually quite anti-social. kai wan xiao. Or more appropriately, i am quite passive unless triggered lol.)
3) Be more mature and steady in handling problems.
4) Be more courageous to do things i want.
5) Improve my cooking skills! Wohoo! :P
6) Improve photography skills :D
7) Be a, not only more skillful, but also more dedicated, considerate and trustworthy dental clinician. I believe good deed will bring us good luck and good blessings.
8) Go overseas lah!
9) Of course is lose weight and become prettier lah LOLOLOL anyone dare to deny that they don’t want to look better? I’m just being frank hahahahaha.
10) hmm…

For now just pray that my study mood roll back real fast and i would start study for my assessment ==”

This should be the last post in 2012, welcome 2013!