The tales of Peluk-Tiang Gang :P

 DSC_0743e Hui Yi & Ying Sze. The awesome-most girlfriends in Kay-Am-Kayyyy. ♥

The name “Peluk-Tiang Gang” is not well-known among others because.. well, actually only few of us know anyway haha. Since three of us in the big sister gang tend to hang out more often (esp during Sem2 in KMK since we got stranded to the isolated lecture group ==”), and Hui Yi was still the Random Queen back then, so whenever she said something random that made us wanna facepalm, me and Ying Sze would find the nearest tiang to hug and bang our heads lol. This phenomenon was most obvious when we were having our long walk from room to classes or vice versa because THERE ARE SO MANY FREAKING TIANGS ALONG THAT STRAIGHT CORRIDOR. The architects who worked on Kedah Matriculation College predicted the existence of dumb people who wanna cause bruise on their forehead. Good job.

Untitled-2 Us now and back then! Just released the Mother-of-All-Hair-Disasters out for the public eyes again… oh well, we have regrets in life hahahaha :P And we need few transformation phases in life too so… *whistles away*

DSC_0716Our mini gathering at Nando’s @ Mid Valley! Finally, something else from Nando’s beside… whole piece of chicken lol. If you were to ask me how it tasted, i actually forgotten how good/bad it is ==” Was too busy talking (and complaining how i missed the train by just FREAKING 3 SECONDS OMG. Bad luck Brian is haunting me D:) I reckoned overall it was quite okay! And that’s sweet potato mash on the right! Aaaand the photo-spoiler peri-peri zhap on ma bread ==”

DSC_0723Hui Yi, the best movie-mate ever! We always go dating at Bukit Tinggi Jusco for movies and gossip moments whenever we have the same breaks! And since there was only both of us, we are always lazy to take photos :P So finally now there is a new photo for my phone contact photo after the last photo taken last.. 2 years?!?!


And the ever talented and sweet Ying Sze! People says we always went to steal-rice-bowl (“抢饭碗” .___. ) whenever there is competition related to art and designing back in KMK days. What to do, we couldn’t be PBSM last time so we were so free on weekends ==”. This girl always give me surprise lil presents for my birthdays ToT~


Early birthday presents from her! This vintage bracelets is so nice, it made a person who didn’t even want a watch on her wrist, wear it. Love the charms!!! :D

DSC_0738 DSC_0737Snowflake moment afterwards since that random Hui Yi randomly sms-ed me when i was in clinics last week that “i wanna eat snowflakes”. Hahaha! Tried the Ocha’Ryo for the first time, but i’m still an hardcore fans of Soy series :3


Met up the other KMK-ians for the KMK gathering for a short while! :)

DSC_0766-1 Shoot this for her on the train back home. I love this shot! :D


Teaser for next blog post (lol wtf):




I think the uni admin is very smart: they arrange our sem break at the week with many public holidays so we won’t have extra holidays. Greaaaaaat.


  1. your hair is so so so longggg.omg. how can you tahan in malaysia ? nice blog .keep it up.

    1. Hahaha! Still okay lah, tie it up when it is hot lor~ and i'm more sensitive to cold than heat. Haha! Thankiuuuuu :))


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