I’m no longer straight.

As in, my hair.

What do you expect? Altho i tend to look at girls more than guys when i am in shopping mall (and thus, tend to missed out alot of leng zai. True experiment. At least friend said so.), i am straight.


This is my looooong (& high!) ponytail which is sort of my trademark. Somehow, it has a really good anti-gravity ability that whenever i walk, it starts to swing left and right at an obtuse angle lololol. Friend say one. And my friends also said that my ponytail can substitute one of their spoilt windscreen wiper. Can absorb water effectively somemore hahahaha wtf.

My ponytail can also be a good weapon too as some lucky people had experienced the hair-slap from me when they stand near me. i whip my hair back and forth i whip my hair back and forth i whip my hair back and forth i whip my hair….. *and eventually the dumb bimbo strained the neck lol*

And nowwwww, back to the title, what’s not straight is my hair! Cz i finally give it a perm! YT’s nonsensical logic: Every woman must dye & perm their hair at least once in their lifetime. I say one. Tehee.


Of course, the first part i hate about hair dyeing/perming is the part that you can’t wash the hair for 3 days. THREE.FRIGGING.DAYS. At the end of the 3nd day i think i can harvest oil out from my hair to fry omelette. With dandruff seasoning somemore wtffffff.

And the 2nd part i hate about hair perming? My hair turned into hay. I used to tease Ming Xiao that his hair looks like hay, and now it is my turn. Pfft. Horses, you can come munch on me now. Morale of the story: never laugh at your friends lol.

Perming the hair is not the end! A bit buay tahan with my roots so i covered my new root with this: Schwarzkopf Freshlight Champagne Pink hair dye! I think their product is still quite new in M’sia as i couldn’t find much review on it. Or actually i can just ignore my roots. Just pretend that…. bitch please, this is a dip-dye hair. HAHAHAHA!

DSC_0778 The packaging is so cute >o< *tendency of judging book hair dye from its cover*

Manufacturer says don’t perm hair 1 week before/after using this product. I did it after 6 days i permed my hair. 1 day difference, wont die gua? *bad consumer*


Expected outcome (which always cheat one . Never, EVER, trust the expected outcome. lol)


Actual outcome. Pink?? You kidding me?

Anyway regarding this product, i don’t think i will repurchase this. Firstly, i definitely prefer bubble dye as DIY dye than this (chemical come out from some comb-like thing designed to spread the chemicals evenly on your hair strand. At least they expected so.) I feel that it is not as user friendly as bubble foam dye. The comb-like thingy is not conducive towards distribution of hair dye at all and that kind of freaked me out when i was using it. Besides, initially the dye was yellow in colour, and as time goes on it turns into purple (the colour of dye which is suppose to dye your hair). So in between you can see heterogenous mixture of yellowish thick liquid with purplish strands. Wtheck like watching alginate sets. Or more like a failed mixture of ZOE impression paste lol. One good thing was perhaps the smell was not very unpleasant, and they come with an After Treatment Conditioner too!

The outcome is almost the same with the pre-existing colour of my previously dyed hair, which i am already happy with. Wanted to try ASH GREEN at first, but since my complexion is already so green, if i have green hair somemore i would turn into…. the Hulk. Or Shrek. Well that’s not a better option.


Final result of perm+dye! The holiday that i did most damage to my hair! Sorry hair, so sorry :/

Ok lah just one last pic of my transformation from Year1 to Year3!


…in progress, to be continued. hopefully. lololol.

Semester 1.2 here i come!