Buds’ B'day @ Dreamz Bakery, Kota Damansara

So in conjunction with the birthdays of Nov babies of the buddyline, Shir Inn & Vincent, here we come to Dreamz Bakery, which is one of the to-visit-shop in Shir Inn’s wishlist. Let photos do the talking! :D


Tiramisu Mille Crepe (!!!) on the left and Hazel Nut Mille Crepe on the right. I meng-!!!-kan (Bahasa Melayu gone wild ==”) the TIRAMUSU because it is DA BOOM! One of the MUST TRY if you come here! Personally not a fans of hazel nut so no comment for that~

DSC_0617 Dark Chock Mille Crepe on the left and Wil Liam’s Oreo Cheese cake *weird one out hahahaha* on the right. The choc was not bad too but obviously the Tiramisu had stole my heart ♥♥♥. Sorry Chocolate, you can’t be the apple of my eyes forever. :P

Their spaghetti cabonara is quite delicious too! Okay maybe MOST spaghetti is nice to me, anyway. Spaghetti FTW!

DSC_0650 The shop! A really cozy feeling shop, which i really like as i love restaurant with adorable decorations for my photo snapping purpose :P The overall concept was really sweet, warm and… quite my style?

DSC_0660 DSC_0607 Little corners for customers to leave behind their memories!

DSC_0588 DSC_0676 DSC_0677 DSC_0685 More and more decorations! Even more in my fb album i’m too lazy to post everything here lol

DSC_0627DSC_0624The buddyline guys & girls ♥

DSC_0662 Every outing must come with a group photo, it is a package :P Happy Birthday to Shir Inn and Vincent once again! :D

DSC_0703Another buddyline photo but a more distorted one HAHAHA. Semua macam facial palsy xD

DSC_0630e AAAAND THEN,  my duckface sets in. LOL. We got so excited when we discovered the big Hello Kitty hipster spec frame and they said this particular pair match my outfit very much. Haha. So i did that constipated face on the left. After another attempt on the right, the rest still prefer my constipated face lol. You really want to see me having constipation?

And everyone starts to tak habis-habis with the specs! I like the photo on the left because i look as if i am the youngest buddy here. HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA Buay paixe Level: Asian

Untitled-1Buddiesssssss ♥ Okay i promise no more disgusting act-cute photo with that specs *run away*

Birthday girl jotting down lil memories of us in that lil book. Thank you to all the buddies for the moments together!

Later we had a short cheong-k session followed with roti tisu supper @ Kayu Nasi Kandar. :)


And my lil present for the big bud Shir Inn~♥ Hope you like it :))

Finally, oh finally, an official short break after 11 condamntinuous weeks of classes! (Yes, the two extra weeks of classes is considered too). Year3 has been so far, exhausting, BUT i know this is just the very very beginning – we are not even very into clinics yet! So who are we to complain? The war is not even started yet! Keep all the harpings to ourselves and pray for luckier days ahead. :)