Senior-Freshie-Staff Night 2012


Year1~5 who came for the Senior-Freshie-Staff Night!

SFS Night was near awesome! Although some of the performances are recycled (yet upgraded. iPerform 4S to iPerform 5 lol), they are still much entertaining. Juniors are talented indeed. Got Gangnam style flashmob at the end of the show somemore! Well done to the Year1&2 juniors!

So this group pic shall be followed by a performance photo. I hereby present you….


My photo. That look as if my right leg got amputated wtf.

OK lah that’s my photo 2 years ago during the same event. Act chio, i know. I was suppose to act like some 5-year-old child in this fashion show so if you find this gross and induced goosebumps out from your ass , it means i succeeded. Tehee.

Now i’m a Year3 senior who can just sit down and throw my head back, laughing at the performances. For good! Bwahahaha!

I don’t have photo of performances this year because the light was too dim and i pek cek after several attempts. Why didn’t they on the yellow light this year? Hmm.

Nevertheless, i have the after-scene photos!

DSC_0329 Year3 Shorty Society members (accidental discovery lol) with…. PSY!!! *fangirl scream* GOT LOOK ALIKE OR NOT? This KMK junior became the star of the night xD

DSC_0339 The Year3’s!


Back then, i was the freshie. Now, i’m the OLDEST among this 3 generations of KMK-ians. Mana pergi my batch punya KMK lang??? (P/s: KMK group pic photoboomed by the non-KMK MC kaibud Zhen Feng!)

DSC_0360 Not forgetting my beloved buds like my own siblings ♥


Buddyline comparison: 2010 vs 2012. Okay i’m less noob-looking now but grow more wrinkles too wtheck. Growing up is a give-and-take process. HAHAHA.

First patient tomorrow (my turn as operator)!!! Hope Lady Luck will take care of me, thank you in advance sinnnn ~ :P