If the world ends in 20.12.2012

Time to talk about some random thoughts after few continuous posts of dental happenings. Well, maybe 80% of my current life revolves around it anyway. The remaining 20% is reserved to train myself into 煮饭婆 a.k.a housewife material lololol. Just some initial trial to cook with self-invented-peculiar-and-maybe-yuck recipe after breathing on this world for almost 21 years. Tehee.

Wonder if i would even turn 21 officially. My 21st birthday is on 28.21.2012 and the rumour says, what? The world will end on 20.12.2012?

Few years ago when this rumour was first spread out, everyone scared their pees off. Now it is almost 2 more months to the date and no one seems to really give a damn. I mean if you are really immersed in this rumour, you can start planning the last 2 months of your life. Perhaps bathing in bathtub full with RM1 cash notes everyday and by the time the world end, there goes your money, wisely spent wtf lol.

*clear throat* but we should live life to the fullest, live like there’s no tomorrow, right?

So if you have any unachieved big dreams, you shall start working on them (altho you might not be able to see the final outcome when the world ends lol). For example, i finally started my ortho treatment after considering about it for YEARS and if the world ends i am going to die with metal and colourful rubbers in my mouth wtheck.

DSC09673So i will change the rubber to rainbow colours during the last dental appointment before the world ends. Embrace rainbow and die peacefully lololol. 

If the world ends after 2 months, i can stop worrying about looking for patients to complete our requirement. Or maybe they would be a burst in waiting list soon if everyone want to have healthy and pretty teeth when they have their last breathe hahaha #ClinicTillSiaoLiao

DSC09675If the world ends after 2 months, this is a good time to brush up (or should i say, START to pick up) cooking skills so i can die as a lady who has menunaikan kewajipan as a lady wtf.  Cuz according to the traditional way to define woman, it is the norm of society to label woman = able to cook. Imma a dude yo bro.

DSC09676 If the world ends after 2 months, i can quit dentistry, pick up my cam go travel around the world now. Miao. It is good to have wild unpractical dreams, it trains the brain to be even more imaginative lololol.

If the world ends after 2 months, i can start sending love letters to everyone i love in my life. HAHAHA. As time goes on, you know who is really worth treasuring and put in efforts. Not everyone would treat you the same way you treated them. Well anyway, not that i’m cooler with people now, i’m just learning to be less dependent. You can’t rely on the companionship from others all the time; sometimes you gotta go on your own. We just gotta find the balance point. Some best friends became ordinary friends, some friends became acquaintance, some strangers might become close friends! There’s no need to hold on to something reluctantly, the best thing shall come with time.

Okay i’m going further and further and making the topic serious. *spin back the steering wheel*

DSC09677 If the world ends after 2 months, i can start eating like cow starting from now. Or dinosaur roarrrr. Cz whether you are fat or slim, you will be decomposed eventually. Maybe if you are fatter then you would be providing more food for the decomposer (wondering if they would still be alive if the world ends?). Die liao also can do charity one okay.

If the world ends after 2 months…. well who can really predict this accurately? Maybe on the next morning you read this, while you are still nua-ing comfortably on your bed, wrapping yourself up with a big blanket like ba zhang, and the last thing you remember is a big unknown object from outer space come knocking your window at the speed of light wtf. Ok choi. choi choi choi. Wood? Where’s the wood?

*So if the world ends in 2 months time i will eat Indomee everyday cz they are too YUMMY!*