Family outing @ Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi


Colmar Tropicale @ Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi.

Have been longing to visit this place since forever as it looks fascinating in photos captured by others! Any place with beautiful scenery will trigger pruritus in my heart, my hand, and my cam. Initially wanted to have a group photoshoot with my girlfriends at here yet the plan failed. Fear not, what you wished will be granted eventually! So AWWWWWWW YEAAAAHHHHH i’m here!

Just want to get the answer for my curious heart. Ha ha :P

DSC_0435-1Another shoot ft. the (not)sexy back of my bros. Speaking of bros, one of the random promoter at Travel Fair @ Midvalley tried to initiate the conversation by saying me and my youngest bro look like couple. I was like DAFUUUQQ-bang-wall-facepalm-jump-down-to-Centre-Court. Eh hello, my youngest bro is only 15 and look wayyyyy too young to be mistaken as my boyfriend. That was one of the worst pickup line EVER. On another hand, 2 random promoters also said that i look like 16-18 y/o. Not very flattening, though. My mom is still being addressed as “Xiao jie” instead of “Aunty” at pasar (and she’s happy about it). This is a marketing technique lololol. Not working on me thank you.

DSC_0442-1 Glare from the morning sunshine! :D

DSC_0445-1Wooden horse painted with Malaysia elements.

DSC_0459-1HDR! ♥ And love the sky!



Black swan, White swan. Few days ago Terrence said i am transforming from a duckling to swan. He said he didn’t add the word “ugly” infront of “duckling” cz i’m not strictly speaking, UGLY. Oh, that’s kind. Still, i’m a duck. His clinical partner is a duck. Queck queck wtf.


Finally have the chance to explore this waterfall feature in my Nicole-cam! I don’t have a tripod though, so i can’t go even more dramatic or the whole pic would be blur with even the slightest shaky hands. Aik aik.

DSC_0520DSC_0527  DSC_0507DSC_0519

Japanese garden! Konichiwa

DSC_0545DSC_0546     These flowers are too pretty to be ignored TuT. Love the colour gradients! ♥

DSC_0559copy  Dear Deer! My 2nd bro frightened one of the deer until it banged/jumped across a fence wtf. There’s a Chinese saying that 猴急跳墙, this deer 鹿急翻墙 LOLOLOL.

Untitled-1 Rabbits rabbits! Shy shy rabbits! But not shy in terms of eating own poops in front strangers lol.

Since there’s no face of mine in this whole post, i shall disclose one at the end of the post:


Me and the scratched wide angle mirror. Still can’t see my face though lol. I lied.

Selamat Hari Raya to the Muslims!