Convocation 2012

Convocation is one of the happiest day in the dental academic year, because everyone was so happy and smiles are carved on the face of everyone! The happiness is contagious! You can feel the joy even if you still have (quite) a long journey to that destination. :P

DSC_0167A convocation post must be started with a convocation photo! Happy graduation to my Dr. buddy Bee Chin! Buddyline batch 2011/12 + 2012/13~ Suddenly macam so many people compared to last year’s. Haha~  Wish my sweet adorable lao lao bud (haha!) all the best, and stay 美美白白♥ (quoting Xin Di’s wish on the wishing card. I curi tengok hehehe)

DSC_0059 Us again, at pre-convo~ And A LOT more shyiok sendiri photos uploaded in my FB profile. Unplanned Theme of The Day: GREYYYYY. Not 50 Shades of Greyyyyy. Human who get excited at camera! So many photos of the buddies this year until i gotta open a new album lol.  Macamlah sendiri sudah grad… *it is good to live in own imagination*



Buddyline treat at Chili Rush @ Jaya One. The colourful drinks! Mine is orange flavoured~ tasted quite good :))


One of the trademark dish here!!! They have chicken wings with spiciness level ranking from 1 to 10, with 10 the Mother of Spiciness. Being the adventurous young people, we ordered No.10! ><” i took a small bite with the sauce and after few minutes, i felt like cutting my tongue off. Some ate until cry TT__TT Some had the real chili rush in stomach after eating it. Wen Thong manage to swallow 2 of them unhurt! She get deepest salute of the day. Order food to torture ourselves #wesiao HAHAHAHAHA xD


Buddyline that survived Chili Rush!! Well, not really. LOL.

DSC_0101 Make funny faces!


Us, again (this post is gonna be spammed with their faces :P)

DSC_0168 Bee Chin’s convocation banner from the three younger buddies! Nice nice :D

DSC_0170 Dr. buddy with her banner!

DSC_0193 Me & her~ :D

DSC_0118 DSC_0205

Buddyline (unexpected) presents! Left one from Shir Inn to be kept in our wallet, and the right one from the new member of the family, Vincent. And the chocolate became my dinner/breakfast~ #diabetes I screamed frantically when i finally managed to open the jar and SAW THE GOD DAMN ANTS INSIDE. ANTS OF MY ROOM, HOW DARE YOU SHARE MY CHOCOLATES. 放肆的蚂蚁!胆大包天!全家抄斩!! *squash ‘em all*


$ On the unrelated side, me and my clinical partner, Terrence! Got our (specifically, his) first non-white-mice-groupmates patient in this week! May our clinical years be all smooth :))


 284135_10151235389936011_54329357_n (1)

Cons clinic, WhiteMice-ing each other with rubber dam. And the hiao hiao patient got mood to take photo somemore despite of the agony. =o=~


Flower-wrapping sessions for the whole week! It is for the flower dedication organised by the Sponsorship Bureau of Dental Night Dinner this year! This is me and roommate Sylvia with our first satisfied bouquet of flowers. Like finallyyyyyyyy… XD

roommate Roommate outing with Sylvia and Mee Poh at Nandos @ Mid Valley on Friday night , that i DID NOT GO HOME for no obvious reason. How rare is this, jot down this date and lets celebrate with champaign lololol. I’m training myself to be less dependent, and at the same time, avoid the same damn traffic jam during every freaking Friday evenings. Lets see whether it works! :P

A very busy week with classes, outings, faculty happenings and project. A happy one too! :))