Year 3 commence now!

Altho STILL not officially, since i had completed my Year2 Optech projects and started with Year3 lectures and demonstrations, I’m considering this week as the beginning of Year3! :))


Welcome to Year3!!! (with Gangnam style… wtheck? againnnnnnnnn? Hahahaha!)

DSC_1099 Birthday celebration for the September babies (and the start of Year3) at Picadilly . Generally it is just an excuse to have a coursemate outing seriously. Because after ‘celebrating’ collectively (sometimes even sekali gus cover birthday girls&boys for half a year lololol), there’s still celebration for that particular individual when time comes. So ya…. saje nak makan kek kut.

DSC_1106 September babies (+ Kent who left earlier). I edited away the gross balls of tissues *yuck yuck*


My Year3 roommates, Mee Poh (Robber!) and Sylvia! Probably till Year5 too because i am quite satisfied with the my current room in the older bungalow.


My room!

-Relatively spacious (till can roll if you don’t mind banging your head to the boxes/luggage)
-Big table for each person (Awwwww Yeaaaahhhhh)
-Bring-in toilet with water heater (I bathe in the morning now! Cz they say i have no more excuse with hot water now)

-Mosquitoes, especially when your windows face a GARDEN. Nice view, bad mosquitoes.
-Sharing queen-size bed instead of individual bed. Cz i exercise my muscle a lot before i sleep ==”
-Fridge is freaking packed! Hot water (for consume purpose) is actually bit dirty, and i’m still not used with the filtered water.

Anyway, everywhere comes with pros and cons, so not complaining lah, it kinda met my expectation so okayyyy….

DSC09500 My ‘luxurious’ single room for few days in newer bungalow before i shifted to the older one (both owned by same landlord) Damn shyiok to have own room, you can sleep naked and poop without flushing the toilet. But of course i didn’t. Imagine when you are using the toilet and your friend was screaming outside “Oi, you 大便 (shitting) ah?” Got shit also store back into the rectum LOLLLLLLLLLLL wtf wtf wtf 

DSC_1032Back to outing photo, i personally LOVEEEEEE this photo because it is so adorable. Awwwwww~ XDDDDDD


Me and my clinical partner, Terrence! It is confirmed unless the faculty want to have some April September fool joke with we all.


Cubic #25! The cubic nearest to radiography place, clinical waste bin, entrance to Polyclinic A, and the runway to get materials from the counter. We got hire feng shui sifu to see before one leh. Feng shui or not, just pray that it give us luck!

DSC_1229Steamboat & grill buffet @ Restoran Talipon (电话饭店) @ Old Klang Road. RM25.80 per pax (RM27 after our drinks). For Jun Yi’s birthday!

DSC_1181 The only food i managed to snap, others ended up blur. Yes, is ba gua!! Ba gua for grilling!! Ate a lot of them! And alot of the marinated chicken because it tasted like satay with sweetness. Some love its huge meat ball because it is very compact. The Japanese taufu was a spoiler though, as it was not fresh (trust me i’m a taufu pro lol)

It feels good when you are able to chew like normal again with braces. TuT

And i compensated back all the calories i should have taken in last 2 weeks since my 1st tooth extraction. Diet plan with braces as excuse: FAIL.


With the steamboat that never steam. It takes forever to boil properly. So i grilled most of my food instead.

DSC_1215Yes, this is the 传说中 best enemy of mine. And poser too!
Dental 5 Tigers with matching colour. Oh god, can please don’t spread this Dental-5-Tigers thingy to the coming Year1? Damn paixe. We should play the role as matured senior. Or at least 半熟. :P 

DSC_1227 Lastly, the (blur T.T) group photo as closing ceremony. :P