Thank you, Colgate!

And this is not an advertisement! :P

Colgate representatives came to UM last Thursday and gave out oral health kit to the Year 3, 4, 5 students. It is needed when we educate our patients on oral hygiene later in clinics!

DSC_0045 The sexy red oral health kit!

DSC_0047 Some of the items in the kit! Little girl use Barbie toothbrush, little boy use Spiderman toothbrush? o.O


The thing i like the most in the kit! Remember those days in primary school whereby teacher (or was it dentists who visited the school?) taught you the proper way of toothbrushing using this model with a gigantic toothbrush? Was digging my buddyline oral health kit and saw that gigantic toothbrush and i wonder why the head is so huge as if it is designed to brush the toilet bowl….until roommate Sylvia told me the fact. *facepalm* I am hopelessly retarded. lol.

Those days of squatting down in one line beside the drain…and brushed our teeth. wtf. And we dreaded quite much when we knew that the dentists were in school, cuz they claimed that if you were caught to go for scaling, it would be painful like hell. Hahaha! My own bro claimed that the dentist was poking his gum with the scaler HAHAHA. Luckily dentists in school only do charting for me! I used to stare at the green dental card in confusion, wondering what is up with the numbers.

DSC_0049 Me with malocclusion and the teeth model in ideal occlusion. HAHA. By the way recently i discovered a new way to make myself happy: get a face mirror, dig out the close-up photo of my teeth before braces, and COMPARE. Then in my heart i would scream a little “OMG OMG IT IS MOVING MY ANTERIOR MANDIBULAR TEETH ARE NOT THAT CROWDED ANYMORE OMG OMG”. Sampat people know how to find their own form of entertainment.

Untitled-1 Got straight a bit already right?? Just in a month! My 43 still need a lot of mental support, though. lol.

But again, this is not suppose to be exciting because if there’s no changes at all, i can cry myself to sleep now.

By the way, 2 of my roommates have been admitted into emergency ward of PPUM in the last two weeks. Sylvia vomited a lot last week, and Mee Poh fainted in agony due to gastritis. Thank god they are alright now. We were thinking our room feng shui is not good because we were so suay. And everytime i told my friend they would say “The next one might be YOU.” CHOIIIIIII! *Grab every single wooden object* I pray for the safety and health of every single person in my room, may Lady Luck bless the three of us! :D