Random August Happenings.

Seriously i can’t find better title besides “Random _____ (insert your month here) Happenings” for these genre of post.

DSC_0442 First of all, my date with ex-roommie, Nadia! Felt so sorry because she was coincidently feeling unwell that day, so i decided to release her earlier. * evil queen + dictator ex-roommate *

DSC09428 KTM has new train! *jakun jakun* Silently snapped this with my handphone if not the other passengers will thought there’s a creepy stalker in the train. More comfortable for sure. Got Tom & Jerry to watch somemore lol. Look to the right!

DSC09430 This part should be the most useful improvement. Now you can know your location clearly instead of anticipating the announcement from the speaker, which normally sound as if someone farted to the microphone.

DSC_0385 Nadia’s XO sauce fish-head-beehoon!


My (normal) fish-head-beehoon at 美味园鱼头米粉@Home Made Fish Head Noodle. Not bad. and very full! (I can’t be a good food blogger because i really lack of vocabs. And i didn’t bother to arrange the food nicely before snapping them. ==” Satu TeeYiTing, Perut Didahulukan, Lidah Diutamakan. )


Durian Snow Ice from 糖百府 Tong Pak Fu. If you like durian, you will like this! (Cz Nadia say it is smelly. Smelly Nadia, you smelly.) Ice is really smooth as if you were eating durian ice-cream. Nevertheless personally think it is a bit over-priced. It cost around RM10 after adding taxes. I would still prefer my Snowflake /  Ice Bowl’s soy ice series :)

DSC_0438 Sniffing Nicole-cam’s……pacifier.


The other day, i finally get to hang out with the lil bud Xin Di and lil kaibud Yee Wen after 纸上谈兵 for awhile lololol (should be Facebook上谈兵 instead. Luan luai lai.) And like finally, I GET TO VISIT PAVILION FOR THE FIRST TIME :O :O :O Ok i know i damn jakun, now i feel completed as a Selangorian wtf. My family don’t really favour the idea of coming KL for our weekly shopping purpose because…

138881 True story.

Anyway, had our lunch at Vivo American Pizza & Panini @ Berjaya Times Square. Good choice indeed. Food were good!

DSC_0825 My Grilled Fish Fillet Panini (also means sandwich)! I love it! The bread is crispy, and the fish is really juicy! RM12.90 with free mushroom soup since it was on promotion. Mushroom soup tasted well too, not too creamy and have abundant mushrooms :D


Xin Di and Yee Wen ordered the same thing: chicken chop. They said it was great too! I tasted a bite and it really tasted good! (man i’m out of vocab to describe food again) The photo didn’t do it justice, i captured it from some weird angle LOL. Learn from mistakes xD

DSC_0826 Volcanic chocolate with ice cream is DA BOMB! Heavenly! Although the look was a bit deform (it was suppose to look like.. a volcano? with a proper mountain?) The mixture of hot crispy cake with the cold ice cream added with the rich chocolate… it gave magical chemistry to the taste buds OMG! I’m born to be a hardcore fans of chocolate and sweet stuffs so i really love this. Definitely consider to order again on my next visit :))


Me, Yee Wen and Xin Di. The typical take-pic-after-eat-before-leave-with-ugly-leftover-foods-group-photo. Hahaha! DSC_0833 My pretty kaibud Yee Wen~ :D

DSC_0835 Lil bud Xin Di~ Didn’t “bang colour” for clothes this time. Black and white is basic colours, it doesn’t count. Cardigan is a very normal thing to carry around, it doesn’t count too. LOLOLOL #excuse

DSC_0837 The hot taufu fa with peanut ordered from Meet Fresh 鲜芋仙@ Pavilion. I don’t usually order hot dessert from this kinda shop, but when i do, it is because i’m sick ==” Personally think that Snowflake’s is nicer. And this type of food very not photogenic, look at this, look like seng pek si with few UFO floating around….. ok i just made it sounded gross. My bad my bad.

And I accidentally deleted the photo of the other girls’ desert, though. There were these unknown black chunk of thingy which have slightly sticky texture on biting and tasted like.. can’t describe it. Weird stuffs. Name yet to be discovered lol. Xin Di practises the Malaysian style of taking photos before meal very religiously hahaha. When she came back from toilet the first thing she asked was “eh, got take photo or not?”. During lunch, me this hungry monster almost bite straight into my food before she stopped me and say “buddy, must take photo first!” Gangnam Malaysia style!


Another take-pic-after-eat-before-leave-with-ugly-leftover-foods-group-photo HAHAHA. This time with XinDi’s phone.


KMK sisters gathering at KLCC bersempena (lol) with BookFest@Malaysia2012! With the intention to kacau Peh Ge who is working there! :P

391387_10151367054039815_569489566_n Which lucky ‘Next Customer’ to make his/her payment to this sweet cashier girl? :D

Lunch at Milano Cafe in the KLCC Signature Food Court. Chicken Lasagna is da boom! Everything with cheese practically blends well with my tongue anyway. Somemore i have preference towards lam-pekpek food (i.e. soft food) after my teeth extractions. Again, i’m telling you i am a failed food blogger if i ever become one because the thought of taking photo only shot me when half of the lasagna is already in my tummy hahaha. Then i am too tam-chiak so i decided to continue eating anyway. :P


Us to bookfest! Lana, Daph, Ade, me, Pat! Damn good in hiding the holes after the extractions on my right side leh~


More Go-Green photos hahaha!


What caught my attention the most in the bookfest.. not books (except one particular book ahem ahem), but THIS! There’s one stall named Pre-Sen-Te selling all sorts of DIY miniatures and my heart melted into puddles when i glanced at them. So.God.Damn.Adorable TuT The dollhouse in the photo above, cost around RM200++ i think. I want to make one in my next long holidays with my own materials! Maybe not into such Barbie-ly princess-sy style, just a complete dollhouse. YES, NEW TARGET IN CRAFTING SET. And i bought a craft book on card making too (but finished flipping it in the train back home wtheck ==”).


I triggered my friend to buy Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes the “one particular book ahem ahem”.


Purposely went Kinokuniya as the trilogy was sold out in bookfest! SOLD OUT! Ahem.

No really i didn’t read. I’m not a novel person no matter what genre it is (HAHAHA). I just…introduce it! Thanks to 9gag, i really went to Google that book before. Curiosity mah. You think 50 shades of grey colour in Photoshop will get famous for no reason?


First blog post from my PJ home! This time in the old bungalow instead of the new one. Internet speed, please be good with me TuT