I’m sexy and i know it

My voice, i mean. Thus it is not a good thing TT___________TT.

Tracing back my own medical history (lololol doing E&D part 1 on myself), last month this time, i was having cough until my voice changed too. Dammit lah what happened to my immune system, i don’t usually get sick SO easily! I was feeling a bit uncomfortable at home, and thanks to the (not so cleen) water in my PJ home, my cough recurred.  DSC09520
Have been meeting some new faces recently with my manly voice, and i have to declare that “this is not my original voice!”, My guy friends teased me by saying my new voice is more attractive thus i should isolate the virus and culture them, followed by inoculating them in my body from time to time to maintain the sexy voice. Wtheck what theory is this?!?!
Like a sir, not.
As it worsened (especially at night), i even went to the stage of almost losing the voice completely. So in order to give the larynx some time to heal, i decided to talk less, AND THEN people think i’m emo again wtf. That’s the problem of being a usually-noisy person: Continue talking, hurt the larynx more; reduce talking, say i emo (eh it rhymes!). I guess the weekends (with Malaysia Day holiday) should be a good chance to let my larynx rest. My mom won’t think her daughter has a problem for sitting quietly in front of the laptop for the whole day.
Need to review my Year 1 Anatomy knowledge. When lecturer was talking about all the nerves of head few days ago, i felt as if i had undergone some unknown accident which made me loss my memories (dramas always say so). Cannot like this, i must bring back my Zaman Kegemilangan in Anatomy during Year1. The so-called ‘Anatomy Queen’ had died and mummified, is time to REVIVEEEEEEEEEEE IT! lololol.
And! Just got my Year2 final’s result slip, my overall gred was A+. O____O Last time people says if there’s an A+, it means pass with distinction. And i thought they will only choose 2 person per batch to be honoured with this achievement? There were more than 2 this year! And i obviously screwed my viva interview OMG. The look of Patho examiner’s face when i mixed up virus that cause squamous cell carcinoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma.. o.O Unbelievable much o_________o


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