Buddyline 2012/13 ♥

buddyline 1213

Buddyline 2012/13 session!
(Top) From left: Shir Inn (Year4), Wil Liam (Year5), Edward (Year3)
(Bottom) From left: Florence (Year2), Xin Di (Year2), me (Year3), Vincent (Year1)

Few days ago i still damn semagat-ed to make a Photoshop pic for the buddyline, like what i did for the last 2 years:

buddyline 2011 12buddyline

Year 2 version (2011/12) on the left and Year1 version (2010/11) on the right.

AND THEN i got lazy, for no reason, and decided to make the 1st photo instead. Still Photoshop, what? And look like family portrait, right? Credits to my DSLR Nicole-cam, it made every thing look nicer. Even human. HAHAHA :P *i see, that’s why you bought a new cam, huh?*

And i really like the family portrait! I heart my buddyline! (And i might make a proper Photoshop in near future, if the enthusiasm strike me again. Might.)

DSC_0031 The group pic for our 1st buddy outing. Aaaaaaaaaand it’s blur. Sigh! There is around 50% chance of getting a blur photo when you find another random person to take group photo for you. Yerr.

DSC_0035The Camwhore-Clan unite! Even MORE camwhore photos in Vincent’s iPad. Siao punya people. Wil Liam and Edward got no eye see lololol.

DSC_0036 The weird chemistry between lao bud and baby bud. Looking at their interactions is enough to give you a good laugh. HAHAHA!!!

By the way that’s our unique (and a bit gross hahahahahaha) way of addressing buddy of different years. From the eldest, lao bud –> big bud –> medium bud (oh that’s me! neutral zone!) –> little bud –> baby bud. With the eldest and youngest’ title funniest among all. :P


Buddyline stuffs aside, last week the potato people went to celebrate our boss Kent’s 21st too~ :D

DSC_0009 The 5 tigers again, in outfit of matching colours again. Like boy band HAHAHAHAHA. You all need to be so 心灵相通 or not oh? xD


Mocha cake for Kent (and Jun Yi too cz we were too full for cake during his b’day celebration with steamboat&BBQ buffet). Happy 21st, dudes!! Long live fanxu gang! Wohooo!!!

DSC_0012 Kent and his present from us!

And speaking of our boss, i must must MUST help him to promote for the coming campus election. Yes, he is one of the candidate from our faculty, the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya.


I am supporting him not ONLY because we are in the same gang. I believe our batchmates, especially, know how responsible is this guy. He took up the responsibility to photocopy our lecture notes as soon as possible for the sake of us. He also displays a strong leadership and he is always a trustworthy person to look for whenever we have problems. Even among us, he is the one who always plan for celebrations or trips and we just sit back and relax (evil friends lol). I am sure he will be a good leader who we can count on, so show your support by casting him a vote! :D

And election is on tomorrow (Tuesday)!!!

(UPDATE: He WON!! Yes! :D)


P/s: Unrelated random fact –> Most of my pants became loose recently. LOL. Miracle much?