What is happiness?

Recently there is this advertisement on NTV7 promoting some event, whereby the girl asked others what’s happiness to them. A guy replied “happiness is when you found a parking space in the parking lot”. Another small girl replied “Happiness is when… NO NEED GO FOR EXAM” *applause please*.

So my mom randomly asked my youngest bro the same question.

And his reply?


(Happiness is when you can poop and not constipate)

Sounds ridiculous but ridiculously true.

Every human being is looking for happiness, looking for bliss. Some people feel happy if he is a genius, (billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Ironman gusta!). Some people feel happy if he is living a healthy life with happy relationships. Some people feel happy when their wish for years came true. Some people… well the list goes on, you must be reading more materials discussing on happiness than i do.

What is happiness to me?

Happiness is when you wake up from dreams (with proper ending!) after a 10-hours-nap and breakfast is already ready for you!

3 Eat the best mee sua in the whole universe and vomit rainbow.

Happiness is when you see high “Pageview” and “Likes” on your blog post.

4This is quite misleading. I swear that was the ONLY post with 4-digit pageview. The 2nd placing one is not even half of its count. The key word “Liese Cassis Berry” led many innocent potential users of Liese Cassis Berry DIY bubble dye to that post, thinking that they might found an example of product’s result. And I obviously cheated their feelings. *90 degree bow*

Now this keyword exist in this post again, it shall bring a new peak in pagevies.


Okay did I just sound like a lifeless person who is damn desperate for love?

Don’t worry, i have a proper life, even if a post has zero view and ‘like’, my name is still Tee Yi Ting and life goes on. :D The ‘like’ count would made me neither constipate nor diarrhoea, my life doesn’t surround it. But it is undoubtedly happy when you have high counts okay. Like boss giving bonus. It is some sort of encouragement and motivation! >;))

Happiness is when your dreams for many years finally came true! Nicole-cam! On the night i finally owned it i vomited rainbow, cried rainbow and probably shat rainbow too. Diarrhoea one.


Not easy to hold on to a dream so long, you know. Just like i have no idea why have i been blogging religiously for 4 years and still counting.

Happiness is when you (finally) ranked up in Tetris Battle. And embrace the happiness before the rank drops again. The vicious cycle repeats.

Happiness is when you woke up with a healed pimple!! Then you will start giggling at your own mirror reflection like siao char bor. Or a siao da bor if any guys reading is equally vain. HAHAHA! Don’t punch me.

6 No idea why my pimples just LURRRVEEEE to pop up at the bifurcation of my fringe. fml.

Happiness is when you achieved something that you didn’t expect to achieve before. Like when you successfully designed a blog layout of your dream (randomly discovered that i blogged about adoring these blog layouts back in 2010, at here.), or successfully made a cute craft and received many compliments! Or even when you unexpectedly took a beautiful photo! It is so motivating and it feels really great! :D

Happiness is when you heard your favourite song at random occasion, or even when the Window Media Player happened to shuffle to that song. Then you will be like:


Thus, happiness is also when i’m in karaoke room, especially when i was having Adele’s-songs-marathon with another Adele hardcore fans, Terrence!! Let it buuuuuuuuuurrrrrrnnnnn LET IT BUUUUURRRRRNNNN *gasp for air*

Happiness comes from many, many, many, many, many (ok stop) MANY little things in life! Maybe you have accidentally neglected them but we should treasure every little things that make us happy and be grateful!

DSC_0446 I started with this “Gratitude Book” thingy when this holidays started. I would jot down every little joyful things in my daily life! :D And guess what, when i flipped them again, it seemed that many of my happiness came from……. food.

Guess i’m a quite easily-contented person lol.

And anyway, just yesterday, happiness, as a Malaysian, is everytime when we saw Dato Lee Chong Wei scored a new mark! Although he lose the match (SO DAMN CLOSE! So So Close!) but we knew that he tried his best, and it was truly amazing how one person can unite the whole nation for at least an hour without a single word! All Malaysians, disregarding race and religion, supports him wholeheartedly! Quote one of the most interesting retweets on Twitter: “I thought I see Yasmin Ahmad smiling from above when all of us unite for an hour.” Its so amazing! even people like me who doesn’t even bother to watch World Cup’s finale, sat in front of the television and hyperventilated along the match. Gan-cheong! My mom screamed and clapped along the match so excitedly and my lil bro was like 7. Then mommy was confused: “Wrong meh? Not score liao meh? Why are you looking at me like this?” LOLOLOL so cute hahaha!

Happiness, is to look at the bright side, believe that even bad things are blessing in disguise. :)

P/s: Happiness is when i recover from my fever! Thus fever ar fever, please leave me ASAP together with cough. This girl has holiday plans :(