These men just have itchy balls.

Bedtime story moment, today i’m going to talk about the big bad wolves i had encountered in this holidays. IT IS NOT SAFE AT EVERYWHERE. Recently we have read about a lot of stories of girls encountered danger while they are alone in shopping centres (mainly those popular shopping centres which probably compose part of your life, especially if you are Selangorian/KLians), be it in parking lots or even toilets. So now, i am sharing mine. It is really creepy, i do not usually came into so many unhappy stuffs. Reminder: DO NOT think that only pretty girls will get into these troubles! The hungry bastards practically can aim at ANYONE as well as you have boobs. Last time, when my friends told us about their bad experiences, i seriously thought i am relatively safe cz i’m not equally attractive wtf. So i was wrong.

Case 1:
Location: 1 minute walking distance from house.

DSC09444I was eager to visit the Ramadan bazaar nearby my house ever since the Ramadan month started. So one day, i decided to go alone since it was less than 5 minutes walking distance from my house. I thought it was okay, it was so near, nothing bad can happen, right? After i bought the Uncle Bob fried chicken and walked back, a motorcycle followed me from behind and stopped me to ask for, i presume is the direction of road, and i couldn’t hear him clearly so i replied “huh?”. Looking at my confused face, the next second i realised, this Malay dude’s hand, at the level of my boobs, swung at my direction. DAFUQ? I was taken aback and quickly jerked away, and sent him a straight stare. I quickly ignored him and walked faster because it was less than 1 minute walking distance from my house already, and that fking bastard wouldn’t stop disturbing me by blocking me with the motorbike!

I swear at that moment, i wished to slap him in the face. Or just push him down from the motorcycle and give him a hard kick at his balls, and let him to roll in awe. I really do.

Nevertheless i have no weapon beside that fried chicken in my hands fml. Fearing that he might have weapons, i just ignored him. At the turning to the street where my house is located, the bastard finally left not forgetting to turn back and gave me one of the sickest and creepiest twisted grin i have ever seen. *shivers*

I was certainly angry. I couldn’t give him a lesson but stood there helplessly during that moment. I should have memorise the car plate number but when thing happened so sudden, you feel empty.

There after i dare not walk to bazaar alone anymore. T_____T Fk that son of bitch, i still want to buy the murtabak or Roti John. Like what i tweeted after that incident, may that fella’s ball roll in thorns. I believe in karma!

Case 2:
Location: Pathway from Midvalley KTM station to Midvalley

DSC09445Some people just thought i am really a naive 13-year-old xiu mui mui. There’re always bunch of promoters alongway Midvalley KTM station to Midvalley. So on this particular day, when i passed by that place for the first time, 2 or 3 promoters approached me and i chose to ignore. Good choice.

When i passed by the place for 2nd time after leaving Midvalley, there was this Chinese guy who kept following me, asking me to take the brochures. I thought taking the brochures and leave would be able to shut his mouth, so i took and continued walking in fast pace. This persistent guy wouldn’t stop following me, he even said “小姐,你不要走酱快我跟不上你”wtf (“Miss, don’t walk so fast, i can’t follow you”). That’s your problem, fei zai. So he asked me to open the brochure, if got what what thankyou badge please return it to him cz he will get extra salary all those bullshit. I opened and next thing i saw, his put on a new mask of freaking excited face (like after he shat and he saw a gold in the toilet bowl or something), and exclaimed: “OMG Miss, you know what is this? Only 200 person in Malaysia got this bla-bla-bla..”

At that instant, i knew this was a trap. I got read newspaper one please.

I threw the brochure back to him and replied “i’m rushing back home” and successfully escaped although he was still nagging and nagging wtf. Eat my heels.

There’s no free lunch in this world. Don’t get deceived by these tricks! We always read about it in newspapers, and one day you might unexpectedly encounter one yourself, so always bear in mind!

Case 3:
Location: Mahkota Parade, Melaka

DSC09447 I couldn’t believe i’d encountered the same jerk for 4 times during my Melaka trip!

1st time: This 3 guys were going upstairs by escalator, me and Hui Yi were walking downstairs. One of the guy called us, and since i practise selective looking + listening during shopping (which explains why i tend to miss leng zai in shopping malls until people reminds me LOL), i did not hear that. Hui Yi stopped me to look since she misheard that the person was calling my name. So i turned and look at them, one of them was waving frantically at me and i have NO IDEA who the heck was that. Since they were quite some distance from us and i have short-sightedness, i further failed to recognise them. Hui Yi was so sure that they called my name so i suspected i got some short-term memory loss or something, thinking it would be certainly awkward if i couldn’t recognise people i knew.

2nd time: After awhile, we went upstairs and when we looked at the directory for Nadeje cake house, those fella appeared from no where, one of the most yong sui one (lol) said “Hey! I’m the one who call you just now” and laughed like some jerk. wtf. This time i CONFIRM i don’t know them. And trust me, that guy which keep disturbing me, is 不是普通的 yong sui. He is so yong sui that i could recognise him with a click! So i ignored him and fled the scene.

3rd time: Went to Mahkota Parade on the 2nd day again to bring the other sisters to Nadeje. As we crossed the road from Dataran Pahlawan to Mahkota Parade, to my horror I SAW THAT THREE JERKS AGAIN WTF. And of course i recognised them by recognising the Mr.yong sui. They were distributing some stuffs or promoting stuffs i think. Not even sure whether it was legal! It was at the.. cab place? This time, i was wearing a mask since i started coughing terribly again. So he didn’t recognise me. Thank god.

4th time: Went to take the cab after our cake, we passed by that area again. This time before going near them, i told Hui Yi they were those people we encountered the day before. I silently told myself, if that bastard ever try to disturb me again, i’m going to do something. So we walked and as expected, that moron disturbed me again by calling me some stuffs (i don’t even remember).
The next moment, i asked him to talk to my middle finger. 378317_10151009558006840_289116998_n378317_10151009558006840_289116998_n378317_10151009558006840_289116998_n

I don’t simply do this to people because it is quite rude BUT i had enough okay! Not one, two but THREE times you are doing this to me and i’m not going to act like a poor kitten licking its own paws at a corner after being bullied. If i were madder i would probably give him some good slap. WTF is wrong with you seriously?


So after all these incidents i became more paranoid wtheck. I would try avoid appearing at anywhere at any instance ALONE. You never know when you will encounter more severe cases that might even cost your live! You can never predict! So is better to be paranoid like a schizo than losing alertness completely and get into troubles.

And to all those people contributing to these crimes, get a life please.

I am posting this now instead of keeping it till end of holidays to “see whether i encounter more so that i can gather them in one post”. NO. Using the power of The Secret, i will NOT bump into more morons! Hopefully not.

Dear all the girls out there, always be alert!