Oppa Gangnam Style!

gangnam-styleRecently, this korean song has gone viral on internet. So ridiculous that everyday i will see covers of this song on Facebook! Some people is completely puzzled by the popularity of this song. Is just some weird repetitive lyrics! Nevertheless, i have to admit,


When i discover it, it has 21 million views on YouTube. Now, it is 55 millions. OMG!

I can assure you, there is no reason behind something which get popular on World Wide Web. No reason, noooooooo reason at all.

If you have the following syndrome:

  1. Hum the following lines involuntary and unconsciously:
    - Ehhhhhhhhh~ Sexy Ladayyyy~
    - Op! Op! Op! Op! Oppa Gangnam Style!
    - Saranghae! Saranghae!
  2. Or, start to dance like this whenever you heard this song:

Untitled-1 Then you are probably poisoned, like me.

All hail PSY.

I’m not madly in love with it, neither do i hate it for being annoying. It is just magically…. addictive lah!

In case who suddenly feel like listening to it again:

No cover can beat this. Not English misheard vers, not (lame) Malaysia version, not Open Condom Style (wtf), not 8tv vers., not even Hyunah’s.

Oppa Gangnam Style!


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