Miniature Project 3: Living Room


I thought i had lost all inspiration to make crafts. Nevertheless i was so lifeless at home, i die die also need to do something. So i took out my right brain and squeezed all the cerebrospinal fluid out until TADA! I decided to make a living room! Overall size: approx. 9 x 10 x 10cm.

This time, i did research and planning by sketching before i started. I looked for sample furniture on Ikea website! So maybe my future house would be exactly like this, who knows? :D And this set of miniature should look more logical compared to my previous set. Took just 2 days to complete it, maybe cz it did not involve heavy amount of details (unlike all the breads and cakes of bakery).

 DSC_0898-1 My red sofa, painting wall clock, floor lamp, coffee table (with newspaper!)

The wallpaper was suppose to be in light shades of pink! And my printer gave me brown fml. I was too lazy to adjust and re-print so i just go with it. Maybe my printer want to punish me for my pink fetish. D: And end up after Photoshop it still  in light shades of pink HAHAHA. Degil betul.

The sofa was supposed to be white. Yet after i complete the TV side, the whole colour combination looked a bit dull, so i changed my mind. My initial plan was to make the living room in some sort of bright, sweet, vintage style.

And i love that painting wall clock! Still my favourite piece after i Google-d for around 10 more pieces. So graceful and beautiful, isn’t it? Might even consider to purchase the exact one when i have my own house next time :P

[BTW, Red Sofa Story: I left this half done craft on my table and my youngest bro came to sit at my place WITH HIS SMELLY FEET ON MY TABLE. And almost crushed my hardwork. I screamed dramatically at him and he just replied: isn’t that a sofa? (then it serves the function for feet to rest on). Scumbag bro.]


Plasma TV,  white curvy TV shelf, wall lamps, wall shelf, duo-tone curtains, bean bag!

And many photos of my favourite people! :))

Lamps would look nicer if there’s real light emitting from them, though. I’m too lazy to study those electrical things so suan le bah~

I want want want a bean bag for my future house too! It would be so nice if you came back from tired day in clinics and just sink into the bean bag and… sleep. LOL.


Top view!

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P/s: Just went to extract my 14 and 44 (upper & lower premolars on my right side). Extraction is not painful, injection of local anaesthetic is! Now i know why lecturer says “you need to inject each other so that you know how painful it is” LOL. Especially the injection on palate OMG it made me shed one drop of tear wtf. And why do i itchy butt that i went to extract my healthy teeth? People extract their premolars mainly for one reason. ;) Answer to be disclosed in following post lol (although many people already know what it is for. Suspense fail.) 2nd round of extraction on Saturday, the turn of left side of mouth to be paralysed ==” The numbness made me behaved like a dog wtheck.