Melacca Sister Gathering :)


Melacca revisit 2D1N trip.

My last visit to Melaka was with my uni friends in Feb 2011 so nothing changed much actually, which doesn’t matter cz people come here mainly to eat that few popular foods, anyway. :P

DSC_0453 I was still having terrible cough so i thought it would be more hygienic to wear a mask. Then Hui Yi said i am 日本妹 (Japanese girl) and she is my tour guide. Ohayo gozaimasu, watashiwa sick cat desu lololol wtheck.


Our lunch after queuing up under that merciless sun: Hainam chicken rice ball from 中华茶室. Like my last visit, i like the rice balls! Not really favour the chicken though, it was a bit hard to chew. I’m a lazy bug who is lazy to chew :)

Opposite the restaurant was this shop called 三叔公 and the word “Durian Cendol” on its advertisement accidentally popped up at the corner of my eyes and i was like O______O. ZOMG DURIAN. DURIAN DURIAN DURIAN (Recent unexplainable durian-rush since holiday begins). Instead of being my logical self, i acted emotionally by ignoring my cough and tried that :’)

DSC_0484 Durian cendol! Durian logic: everything with durian taste good. Probably poop too lololol.


Tada! I giao until quite ugly but it tasted pretty good! Others thought the red bean shouldn’t be added because the combination with durian is a bit weird, but i thought it was okay cz i am a hardcore red bean fans too :D

DSC_0491   Some dolls in the shop with colourful boneless legs :D


Checked in to Sayang-sayang 2 Youth Hostel later. More or less like uni hostel. The whole hostel was super blue!

DSC_0510 This is an unedited photo, so now you know how pale i was. T.T Not fair, but pale. Not sure whether it was due to the bluish shadow casted by the curtains though. I was so pale i look like vampire wtf. Lesson learnt: do not have Twilight marathon when you are sick, you might ended up as a new member of the Cullens. With the exception of the ‘enhanced beauty’ part of course. FML.

Me and Hui Yi got bored waiting for the KL sisters, so we took the cab to eat Nadeje cake instead.


Hui Yi’s Mango Yogurt cake…. *chuckles* This is one of the….. weirdest cake i ever tasted. Maybe cz i’m not a fans of yogurt in the first place, anyway. And i never craze over mango too. Thus it tasted quite…. awful to me.

DSC_0523 And this is mine! Original flavour of Nadeje mille crepe. Play safe, baby. Many people said original was the best, anyway. However since i had lunch earlier (with one big bowl of cendol somemore), i was quite full near the end, it took me some effort to finish it @.@

Then we went back to the hostel and welcomed other sisters with my bloated stomach.

Since Hui Yi was craving for satay celup, we decided to queue up for Capitol Satay Celup! After queuing up for around an hour, finally it was our turn! :D Luckily we have friends to queue up together, then you can gossip while waiting, not bad. :P

DSC_0535 To be celup-ed!!

DSC_0552 Eat until so dirty hahaha. We didn’t eat a lot, though. Planned to save the capacity for Jonker walk. So to the customers who were waiting for our place that time, you should be thankful! Hahaha!

DSC_0567 Group pic with the KMK sisters~ :D

DSC_0583 The famous laksa from Jonker88. Again, i didn’t try it this time also because i don’t really like laksa anyway. Others thought it was good! :))

DSC_0595e I was more interested with their lantern instead hahaha :P

DSC_0597 The muscle-man statue! Whenever we see muscle-man, we must scream EJ’s name because she said she want a buff boyfriend :P Later Lana went to squeeze this fella’s nipple. Ouch!

DSC_0813-2 Behold….. DURIAN PUFF!!! ONE BITE DURIAN PUFF!! (Told you i am a durian fetish nowadays). Like the name suggested, just throw the whole puff in your mouth and bite! And then slowly feel your feet off the ground as you rise with a pair of imaginary wings and race across the rainbow~ This is frigging awesome, how the durian ‘zap’ ooze out with one bite and flow into every gingival sulcus of your teeth TuT. I would buy one pack for myself if not due to the bloody cough. Damn you, cough. Damnnnnnnn.

DSC_0608 People having rehearsal. Free music to listen :D

With that, we ended our first day and crawled back to the hostel before we shared the bedtime stories~ :D

DSC_0628 Mee sua for breakfast on the next morning!  Meeeeeeeeeeeee Suaaaaaa T______T Mommy’s mee sua is still the best, but i LOVE mee sua for no reason! Maybe cz after the first bite, my throat suddenly feel miracle-ly comfortable T_T Mee Sua is for sick people, they say. Mee Sua, the best long food ever wtf (what do you collectively call things like bee hoon, mee, kuey tiaw etc. again?)

DSC_0660 Typical tourist photo #1 hahaha.


Now you have the tourists!

DSC_0681 Another tourist photo #2 again :P

DSC_0682e #3. It would be better if there were more visible clouds!

DSC_07162e #4. Trial with HDR.


#5. Morning sun light :D

DSC_0733e #6. The ship museum thingy. And we this bunch of dai siu jeh obviously show no interest because we were just looking for aircond wtf. And you know what’s the most wtf things of all? We went in from a small unlock door from no where, and when we leave from the main door, that was when we realised you actually have to pay for it LOLOLOL. Bunch of innocent cheaters. He did’t lost much, we only learnt one thing after going inside the ship: the lower the ground, the cooler the fan. The lowest floor got aircond somemore HAHAHAHA *bunch of hopeless tourist*


#7. EJ took this and i think it was nice so i’m posting it! So this is the ship! Captain Jack Sparrow in action!

DSC_0760-1 #8. EJ took this too! The retro train~


EJ took this while i didn’t realise T__T. The yaoming bitch-please expression wtf. Yo yo i’m the DJ yo! Or “Bitch please, look at my rings (but i got no rings as prop lol)”

DSC_0754 A more proper pic of myself ==”

DSC_0772-1e Saw this at one of the restaurant and it immediately caught my eyes. :D

DSC_0792-1e The Peranakan restaurant we dined in. The decorations are a bit kua cheong but good for photography purpose hehehe :D

DSC_0786-1e One of my favourite shot!


Mirror camwhore is too mainstream, now i teach you how to capture your butt instead. ;)

DSC_0812-2 Our lunch at Peranakan restaurant! Tasted more or less like homecook food, though.


I told them this can be considered as a group pic too because i’m inside too. Haha!

DSC_0814-2 Last pic of my girls in the hostel before we bade farewell at bus station!

Thank you Hui Yi the most because she was the organiser. Thank you Fiona, Patricia, EJ and Allana for coming. Had a short yet sweet time together, hope we sisters can have more vacations together! Despite some of the bad services we got (and the bastard who disturbed me in Melaka Parade, will story this next time), It was a nice trip indeed. Hugs and Kisses XOXO! :D

And now…. my larynx is badly injured, i can’t really talk, so talk to my fingers instead! May my illness recover fast. :)