Girl friends vs. Guy friends.

Today, I’m going to talk about the differences between girl friends and guy friends. Perhaps you have seen some meme talking on this on 9gag, i just want to explain it further with own experiences. :D

Case 1

Generally, sometimes this is the conversation that can be seen between girl friends:

Untitled-1 Yes, mushy much, but not in every single conversation of course (although i have been calling many people dear and darling) Our fingers have more tendency to hit the ‘3’ button after hitting the ‘<’ button, especially when we were on Facebook. So everywhere become less than three. I less than 3 you. Not less than 2, not less than 4, not less and equal to 3, but less than 3 wtf. <3

And we actually mean it! When we feel appreciative of our girl friends, we confess to each other (lol). We voice out those affectionate feelings. When we feel thankful of them, we say it; when they are sad, we told them we will always be there for them, and give them virtual hugs *HUGS*. When we miss them, we shout out loud on their Facebook wall. There’s nothing to be ashamed of,  no worries of being labelled as lesbian for doing so (if guys do so, they are regarded as gay. LOL. True story.). These words, as gross as it might sound to some guys, can be really heart-warming sometimes.

♥ <--- this symbol is overflowing on Facebook compared to other symbols, when i need it, i can just go on my Facebook and found it within 10 posts on homepage :P

Guy friends, on the other hand, talk like this:


And after i refused to entertain him for a few times….Untitled-4

True story. Very.True.Story.

I don’t always say “oOo” to people, but when i do, i make sure it is done to the right person. HAH HAH HAH.

Frankly speaking i do not have a really close bunch of guy friends, till i was in Uni. During my first year, sometimes i really cannot stand their way of treating me and always quarrel with them. Then some of them told me, guys treat friends differently, you must learn to accept and adapt. So i did. And still i would quarrel with them occasionally although less frequent now.

Among guys, the application of rude words doesn’t mean to be rude sometimes, they are just some normal way to address each other (examples shall not be disclosed.) “When we care of our friends, we won’t say it. We show it by scolding and hitting them”—quote from a guy friend LOL. Violence much.

And i understand that because i’m one of the victim of violence. There’s this dude who is one of my best guy friends, and at the same time, one of the friends who is rudest to me. To annoy and irritate me is his hobby. And yes, we fight, physically. Like cats and dogs. No worries, no bloody incident occurred (yet). Nevertheless as annoying as he is, we remained as bestfriends, if not, good friends.

The example conversation above is the conversation between me and him. In fact he is the only person i can scold all the foul words when i am extremely pissed with something else (bad example, don’t learn from me). He wouldn’t care anyway, we are too brothaaaaaa, right Mr.YMX??? xD

In fact, not only guy friends, own brothers behave like such too.

Case study: during a family outing, with brothers at the backseat.


Somemore want to lift his ass a little and aim it to me. wtf.

My youngest bro are so similar with that Mr.Annoying Friend, i told my mom i am going crazy because “in Uni my friend kacao me, in home my bro kacao me” My god.

However sometimes is these irritating homo sapiens that colour up your life. LOL.

So embrace and appreciate all the annoying people. OMG i can’t believe i actually said this. xD

Case 2

If you wear something nice, girl friends will say:


Guy friend will be relatively quiet. AND, if you wear something more fugly, GUY friends will jump out and say:


By the way, to whoever who said i look like strawberry that day, strawberry is red and not even pink! Your arguments are thus not valid. Strawberries deserve official apologies from you.

Case 3

When you tried to share your feelings with girl friends, they will really listen and give you advise, just like a sister.

If you tried to share feelings with guy friends.. well they will try to tease you and jump into conclusion before they start to give productive advise ==”

For example, me telling the guys “i went clubbing but frankly speaking, i don’t like that place” (P/s: the guys almost dragged me to clubbing once after my first year’s Dental Night Dinner)

The guys’ reactions:

“Oh my god is this you? Is this you, manager?”
” Please, just admit it you wanna go, what paksa rela”
” You are damn happy you got chance to go.”

” Go clubbing got kena tackle or not?”
” Got people rub your ass or not?”

I will soon die of serious injuries of internal organs if i continue to mingle around with these people.5

Case 4

Somehow i realise, guy friends, in comparison, are more decisive and less draggy. For example, if we were to hang out, they will just call you and say “meet at xxx place at xxx time”. Girls, on the other hand, have a lil more problems. Hang out plans with girls are relatively mafan and higher probability of not working, i don’t know why. They might say “hey we must hang out!” and then…. no news anymore. Not everyone is as kepoh as me to plan gatherings/yamcha. Or am i the only person who is too abnormally & lifelessly free?

And undoubtedly, as torturous as the guy friends might be, they are very reliable when you need help. I have seen my guy friends fetching sick friends to the clinics, fetching us uncountable times for meals and outings and so on. Whenever we have problems, they would stand out and try their best to settle the problems for us. 男人比较讲义气还真的不是盖的。

Case 5

*when analysing a random couple*

Girls: analyse from both external & internal aspects
Guys: analyse from external aspects only. To them, ugly guy cannot be with pretty girl. And another way round too. If they see a pretty girl with an ugly boyfriend they will think that it is something 人神共愤 and against the norm of this universe. They will be like “walaowe! How can like this one? So wasted! Ask that girl dump that guy lah” without knowing the story of the couple.

Totally deserved to be slapped.

Of course they might not really mean it but you can’t help from asking them to..

tumblr_m8155gD8st1rz8lfxo2_500 (1)

Whatever it is, girls or guys, all good friends deserve this from me –> ♥ :D


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